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Carnegie Council Centennial, 1914-2014

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War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco Conference, 1945 CREDIT: <a href="">United Nations</a>

JAN 5, 1970 Article

First-hand Report from the San Francisco Conference, Where the UN Charter was Signed

"The most important conference in our generation began its work here in San Francisco today. A feeling of deep solemnity brooded over the 4,000 people packed ...

View from the Palais des Nations, Geneva, 1950s. CREDIT: <a href="">Anders</a>.

JAN 5, 1970 Article

CPU's John R. Inman Goes to Europe

Annual Reports used to be a lot more entertaining! In this excerpt from the 1956 Report, John Inman discusses attending the annual assembly of the World ...

Memorial sign at the Gurs Internment Camp, Southwest France, listing the groups imprisoned there. CREDIT: <a href=""> Claude Truong-Ngoc</a> ,1980. (<a href="">CC</a>)

JAN 5, 1970 Article

A Pastor Under Nazi Rule

Jules Jezéquel was a Protestant pastor in the Reformed Church of France and represented the Church Peace Union and the World Alliance of Churches ...

Pearl Harbor, 1941. <a href="">U.S. National Archives & Records</a>

JAN 5, 1970 Article

The Churches, The War and The Peace

This statement was presented at the Annual Meeting of the Church Peace Union (now Carnegie Council) on January 15, 1942. It was also published in the World ...

Members of the Heldenmuth family board the SS St. Louis in Hamburg harbor. U.S. Government photo, via <a hre="">Wikipedia</a>.

JAN 5, 1970 Article

"Intolerance in America" and "America and Refugees"

"Intolerance expressing itself in prejudice and hatred for the Jew will not end there; in fact, it threatens the very structure of democracy and religious ...

Mahatma Gandhi spinning yarn, in the late 1920s. Public Domain via <a href="">Wikipedia</a>

JAN 5, 1970 Article

Visiting Mahatma Gandhi, 1929

In 1928-29, Henry Atkinson, president of the Church Peace Union (now Carnegie Council) took a five-month trip through Asia to meet with religious leaders and ...

Carrie Chapman Catt. Carnegie Council archives.

JAN 4, 1970 Article

Fighting for a Lasting Peace

In the mid-1920s the Church Peace Union and international organization it created, the World Alliance for International Friendship, campaigned hard for a lasting peace.

JAN 4, 1970 Article

INAUGURAL NEWS LETTER - World Alliance for International Friendship Through the Churches

"The one word which Christianity does not know is 'isolation'. Every problem is now a world problem. Everything that effects [sic] one nation effects all ...

Photo of William P. Merrill from our archives

JAN 4, 1970 Article

Hope Rises from Ashes of World War I: CPU President William Merrill

The first major initiative of the Church Peace Union (now Carnegie Council) was an international conference in southern Germany, opening on August 1, 1914. However, in a ...

Reinhold Niebuhr circa 1916

JAN 3, 1970 Article

Patriotism and Altruism: Prize-Winning Essay by Reinhold Niebuhr

As a response to World War I, in 1915-16 the Church Peace Union (now Carnegie Council) launched an innovative program of peace education in churches ...