Environmental Values (1991-2002)


This project consisted of two parts: a track two dialogue between Japanese and American negotiators and their academic advisers, involved with meetings leading up to the 1992 Earth Summit; and an international study examining values and their role in environmental policymaking in China, India, Japan, and the United States.

MAR 28, 2005 Article

The Rockefeller Foundation in Sardinia: Pesticide Politics in the Struggle Against Malaria

By most accounts within and beyond Italy today, the Rockefeller Foundation freed Sardinia of malaria, catalyzing the island's subsequent economic miracle. Yet malaria is an ...

JAN 25, 2005 Article

Learning from Environmental Justice: A New Model for International Environmental Rights

International environmental justice presents difficulties for courts and advocates seeking to characterize problems at this intersection of environmental, human rights, and anti-discrimination law. Osofsky ...

The Meadowlands, A Whale Hunt, and Rats by Robert Sullivan

MAY 25, 2004 Transcript

Musings on Swamps, Whales, and Rats

Robert Sullivan discusses his three latest books.

DEC 10, 2002 Article

Environmental Values, Policy, and Conflict in India

Many think that Indian environmentalism arose in opposition to an anti-environmental government (as well as, at an earlier point, British colonial rule), leading to "a ...

JUN 19, 2001 Transcript

Interview with David Jenkins, Environmental Values Project

David Jenkins focuses on two case studies: oil-field waste disposal in a southern Louisiana community of only 318, and the development of alternative communities in rapidly ...

MAY 10, 2001 Transcript

The Contested Terrain of Water Development and Human Rights

Nepalese water expert Dipak Gyawali discusses the role of the human rights movement in contesting dams and other water projects that destroy people's homes and ...

OCT 10, 2000 Article

Understanding Environmental Values: A Cultural Theory Approach

At this Environmental Values Project seminar, Thompson argues that the key to environmental policy is to put the decision making power in the hands of "...

OCT 1, 1999 Transcript

Interview with Yukiko Kada, Japan Team Leader of the Environmental Values Project

"In this project, the Japan team has tried to shed light on values in Japanese society as they relate to nature, life, pollution, and economic ...

OCT 16, 1992 Article

The Politics and Ethics of Global Environmental Leadership

At this second U.S.-Japan Task Force seminar, delegates and observers of UNCED explored the underlying ethical concerns at Rio, points of convergence relating ...

APR 7, 1992 Article

Whose Environmental Standards? Clarifying the Issues of Our Common Future

At this first meeting of the U.S.-Japan Task Force on the Environment, 34 international environment specialists, political scientists, U.S.-Japan policy analysts, and ...