Minutes of Global Ethics Fellows Third Annual Conference, November 6-8, 2013

Nov 27, 2013


Presentation of Trans-Pacific Student Contest Winner

photo of President Joel Rosenthal awards Shiran Shen certificate for Ttrans-Pacific Essay Contest

Joel Rosenthal and Devin Stewart: Welcome and objectives of the Network and conference

Shiran Shen: "The U.S., China, and Cybersecurity: The Ethical Underpinnings of a Controversial Geopolitical Issue."

Ethics Fellows for the Future Presentations (in alphabetical order)

Joanna Cichon: Technology use and effect in elementary school classrooms

Jack Friedman: The minimal amount of secularity necessary for democracy

Gage Hansen: A focus group on war and reconciliation

Tatsuya Liu: The ethical responsibilities on small island military maneuvers, using Guam and Okinawa as case studies

Yixuan Liu: The recent dispute on the conflicts of the South China Sea

Michael Angelo Liwanag: The influence of politics on cultural heritage conservation through the UNESCO World Heritage Center

photo of Ethics Fellows for the Future

Vivian Ng: A focus group on democracy and its challengers, exploring what good governance and democracy means to young Singaporean voters

Marissa Roy: The legal and ethical responsibilities of the UN's 8th Millennium Development Goal on global partnership

Amanda Schmitt: The relationship between states and pseudo-governmental terrorist organizations and its effect on diplomacy

Berenike Schott: The inclusion of Islamic groups in the political process in Egypt and Tunisia

Oumie Sissokho: Civil demand for environmental management and government response and its impact on the human rights respect of citizens

John-Harmen Valk: How assumptions of "secular" and "religious" have come to affect understandings of international politics

Alison Walt: A focus group on citizenship and difference

Zeyu Wang: Ethical challenges in the information age

Peng Zhang: Global linkages of Chinese local government and domestic regions


Global Ethics Fellows Presentations

Environment and Growth

Evan Berry: "Shortcomings of Private and Public Approaches to Climate Ethics—The Import of Global Ethics as a Frame of Analysis for the Moral Challenge of Climate Change"

Katsuhiko Mori: Global environmental negotiations and specifically the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20)

Democracy and Its Challengers

Jiyoung Song: On the complexity of global ethics, norms and identities in international migration especially in Asiaphoto of Global Ethics Fellows

Mohsen Kadivar: "The Challengers of Democracy in Muslim world: Iran and Egypt and Role of Sharia, Conservatives, and Fundamentalists"

Jocelyne Cesari: Religion and international relations, and the role of religion in the democratic process

Emiliano Buis: "Fighting Tyranny: Antigone and Democratic Legitimacy, Corruption, and Trust"

Jean-Marc Coicaud: "Conceptual Mapping of Corruption and Trust: Ethics and Politics"

Aine Donovan: Lack of trust in the government (American government) and the NSA; the Millennial generation, less religion, more ties to technology

Fellows' Individual Projects


War and Reconciliation

Madoka Futamura: types of reconciliation (former enemies, between victims and perpetrators, and one's past)

photo of Fellow taking pictures

Shaul Cohen: Reconciliation as a scarce resource to be managed and harnessed. Mismanagement of reconciliation can be devastating. Experience with Northern Ireland.

Christian Barry: Nine common mistakes in media discourse on the war in Syria.

Rudong Chen: China's classical theorists/philosophers and the implication on modern war

Cheyney Ryan: The dilemma of cosmopolitan soldiers and issues of fairness in war

Deen Chatterjee: Just war and just peace approaches

Citizenship and Difference

David Ritchie: The "melting pot" metaphor vs. "cultural mosaic" in the United States

Hans Tung: Survey in East and Southeast Asia on the rise of China on influence and soft power

Kei Hiruta: Globalization and the commitment to the values of a country

Wrap Up

Michael Ignatieff: Carnegie Council Centennial and Global Ethical Dialogues

Devin Stewart: Thank you and next steps for the Network and Centennial

  • Jean-Marc Coicaud and Helle Porsdam: Edited volume of Fellows' research with 1) ethic conceptual mapping; 2) social and political engineering of global ethics; 3) concrete case studies
  • EFF e-journal: publication of students' work

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