Human Rights & Foreign Policy by Hans J. Morgenthau (1979)

Mar 3, 1979

In 1979, Carnegie Council, then known as the Council on Religion and International Affairs, presented this lecture, the first in its Distinguished Lecture Series on Morality and Foreign Policy. It was given with the support of the Institute for the Study of World Politics, which is a project of the Fund for Peace.

Following the lecture, a select group of people who have long been concerned with U.S. foreign policy gathered to join Dr. Morgenthau in a discussion of issues that were central to his presentation. Their remarks are also included in this publication. Their names are: William Bradley, Jerald C. Brauer, James Finn, Harold P. Ford, William T.R. Fox, Philip C. Jessup, Philip A. Johnson, Nils Orvik, E. Raymond Platig, Milton Rakove, Donald Shriver, Kenneth W. Thompson, James F. Tierney, and Theodore R. Weber.

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