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Democracy is a form of government in which political control is given to the people, whether directly or through the election of governing officials. Currently, large numbers of people have lost faith in this form of government and some elected officials have been working to dismantle democratic institutions. Our programs, events, and experts strive to better understand this alarming development.

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State of global democracy, U.S. global engagement, and more

APR 19, 2022 Podcast

Why Democracy vs. Autocracy Misses the Point, with Jean-Marie Guéhenno

The advent of the age of data is a formidable accelerator of history. As society faces a crisis of politics compounded by the emergence of ...

OCT 21, 2021 Podcast

Global Ethics Day Special Event: On the Frontlines of Democracy

Whether it's rigging elections in Hong Kong, arresting activists in Venezuela, restricting voting access in the U.S., silencing the opposition in Belarus, or censorship ...