Carnegie Council Launches New Website

Aug 18, 2006



In August 2006 Carnegie Council launched a new website, part of its ongoing strategy to broaden its outreach and consolidate its position as the world’s leading voice for ethics in international affairs.

"Our aim is to ensure that Carnegie Council becomes the key resource for teachers and students, international affairs professionals, and concerned citizens who believe in the importance of ethical reflection and moral analysis as a way in which to view world politics,” says Carnegie Council president Joel Rosenthal.

“Every year, the Council hosts over fifty events in our New York City headquarters, featuring some of the world’s leading political thinkers and statesmen. Yet only a relatively small number of people can attend them in person. The new improved website will make it easier than ever for people to access our materials, wherever they live, and whenever is convenient for them.”

The site design reflects the Council’s new look and its focus on three themes: Ethics, War and Peace, Global Social Justice, and Religion in Politics.

It offers:

  • Streaming video of events
  • Free podcasts and RSS notification when new material is posted
  • Audios online
  • Edited print transcripts with links
  • Event calendar
  • Improved search capability, organization, and navigation
  • Short biographies of everyone associated with the Council. Each includes links to all of the person's online Carnegie resources, such as transcripts of Carnegie events and articles written for the Council.

As always, the site also provides resources such as excerpts from the Council’s quarterly Journal Ethics & International Affairs, research papers, articles, and annotated collections of materials.

New features include video interviews conducted by the Council's senior associate, Jere van Dyk of CBS, and Carnegie Ethics Online, a column that examines ethical dilemmas in current policy issues.

We would like thank all the staff at Animus Rex, our web developers, for their dedication to this complex project. We are very grateful for their hard work, patience, and ingenious approaches to solving problems large and small.

Many thanks also to Graham Slick who created the site's distinctive new design. He succeeded in the difficult task of presenting the Council's large amount of content in an uncluttered and attractive way.

Questions about the Council? Contact Madeleine Lynn—Communications

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