Ethics & International Affairs 30th Anniversary
Ethics & International Affairs 30th Anniversary

"Ethics & International Affairs" Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

Mar 15, 2016

This year Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs celebrates the 30th anniversary of its distinguished journal, Ethics & International Affairs. In an age that thinks in terms of nanoseconds, the journal's mission has acquired a new urgency. More than ever, we are committed to encouraging reflection, advancing scholarship, fostering respectful debate, and offering deep analysis of the values and ideals that animate global affairs.

The Council's premier publication, Ethics & International Affairs (EIA) is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal noted for its distinct focus on ethics, attention to both long-standing and immediate issues, and its ability to attract both senior scholars and new voices. EIA aims to bring together theory and practice by publishing original essays that integrate rigorous thinking about principles of ethics and justice into discussions of practical issues related to assessing and reforming specific policies, existing arrangements, and global institutions. Founded in 1987, EIA started as an in-house annual publication. By 2005 it was a quarterly peer-reviewed journal, and in 2010 it announced its publishing partnership with Cambridge University Press, the leader in international affairs academic publications. From the very start EIA attracted some of the most notable figures in international relations scholarship, including Joseph Nye, Stanley Hoffmann, and Kenneth W. Thompson, among others. Reflecting the main preoccupations of the time, the journal focused on the ethics of the cold war, nuclear proliferation, and issues of power. Post 1989, the journal paid special attention to humanitarian intervention, globalization and its discontents, and the ethics of anti-terrorism policies. Most recently, EIA has also investigated timely topics such as drones, automated weapons systems, Big Data, climate change, migration, and global governance. At all times, our focus has been on the rights and responsibilities in social relationships—with each other, as fellow-citizens; with "distant others," especially the global poor; and with the natural environment. "There's no shortage of global challenges—long-standing and new—that demand our attention," says EIA editor in chief Joel H. Rosenthal, who is also president of the Carnegie Council. "In the next decade, we'll continue to advance scholarship that helps us shed light on the deep norms and ideas that underlie global affairs. By focusing on ethics, we hope both to engage the public in foreign policy analysis and assist policymakers in making better decisions."

For the spring 2016 issue, the first in the 30th anniversary volume, click here.

About Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs Founded by Andrew Carnegie in 1914, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is an educational, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that produces lectures, publications, and multimedia materials on the ethical challenges of living in a globalized world.

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