Carnegie Council Instagram Take-Over #2: Alysha Naidu (South Africa), "The World Through My Eyes"

Jan 11, 2016

For its second Instagram take-over, Carnegie Council hosts the work of Alysha Naidu (Instagram account @alyshanaidu), a South African photographer. Her 9-5 job is editing videos, but after hours her passion lies in photography. Naidu jokes that being a doctor or accountant was never in the cards for this avid traveler, photographer, and all around creative person. Her first post went live today, January 11, and she will continue posting through January 17.

The Power of Photography

In international relations, it is easy for facts and figures to obfuscate the people and cultures they are meant to describe, for flashy images of politicians, soldiers, and bureaucrats to replace those of ordinary people, and for government statements and policies to be the only viewpoints we’re exposed to from any given country.

The ironic result of this is that, in attempting to gain a better understanding of the people and cultures different from our own, we risk losing touch with the distinctly human side of them. Photography is one way in which this trend can be disrupted.

By seeking out photographers who can capture the humanity of the places in which they work, we can help to promote an understanding of the "other" that is perhaps less reductive and more personally relatable. By humanizing the other, we can build bridges, create a sense of community, and discover how "others" are more like ourselves than we may have previously thought.

Take-overs are scheduled for the first full week of each month. The lineup of talented photographers features a range of styles and a variety of locations around the world, from South Africa to Cambodia, from India to Spain, and much more. So be sure to check it out each month:

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