Carnegie Council Fellows, Fall 2015 Update

Oct 14, 2015

Through our network of distinguished Fellows around the world, Carnegie Council continues to enlarge the audience for the simple but powerful message that ethics matter, regardless of place, origin, or belief.

Here's a brief run-down covering some of the Fall activities of our Senior Fellows and Global Ethics Fellows and Alumni.


Beyond Individualism: The Challenge of Inclusive Communities by Senior Fellow George Rupp.

Eurasianism and the European Far Right: Reshaping the Europe–Russia Relationship edited by Marlene Laruelle, George Washington University. This book marks the culmination of a project spearheaded by Senior Fellow David C. Speedie.


Carnegie Council appoints historian Ted Widmer as Senior Fellow.


Caste Conflict: Why the Patels are Protesting by Global Ethics Fellow Ananya Vajpeyi in Foreign Affairs.


September 29–30: Carnegie Council Global Ethics Network Conference in New York City on defensive killing and sparing civilians with several leading philosophers, including Global Ethics Fellows Seth Lazar, Christian Barry, Cheyney Ryan, and Yitzhak Benbaji.

October 5–6: Global Ethics Fellow Deen Chatterjee holds conference at University of Utah in Salt Lake City on, "Ethics in International Relations."

October 6: Senior Fellow David Speedie joins Council on Foreign Relations study group on US-Israel relations.

October 20–23: Annual Global Ethics Network conference in New York City on "An Ethical Dialogue between Asia and the West" with nearly 40 scholars and students from around the world, as well as a keynote speech by Buddhism expert Robert Thurman and a debate between trustee Zachary Karabell and Global Ethics Fellows Jiyoung Song and Joshua Eisenman.

October 23: Rutgers University workshop in Newark, "Global Knowledge: Epistemology, Methodology, and Policy," with Global Ethics Fellow Jean-Marc Coicaud.

October 28–29: Annual Uehiro-Oxford-Carnegie conference in New York City, "Global Warming—Environmental Ethics and Its Practice," featuring Global Ethics Fellows Evan Berry and Julian Savulescu.

November 4–14: Senior Fellow Devin Stewart interviews more than 30 business people in Tokyo, Japan, on normative changes in Japanese society, participates in community dialogue at Globis University Graduate School of Management.

December 3–11: Global Ethical Dialogues on immigration, citizenship, and difference, in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth (Nelson Mandela Bay), and Durban, South Africa, led by Centennial Chair Michael Ignatieff, Senior Fellow Devin Stewart, and Global Ethics Fellows Sandy Africa and Gerhard Wolmarans.

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