Carnegie Council Launches New Education Section on

Aug 14, 2015

Carnegie Council works with some of the world's leading politicians, experts, and scholars on topics relating to ethics and international affairs, creating free online resources for a global audience.

Just in time for the school year, we present our website's new education section. Drawing on our vast digital library, it consists of texts and multimedia materials specially selected for high school and college classrooms. Through these resources, we hope that students will gain a deeper understanding of history, social studies, and philosophical issues, while strengthening their analytical skills.

It consists of the following segments:

Lesson Plan Ideas This page hosts Carnegie Council's popular Ethics on Film series, recommended books and original lesson plans. Perfect for high school and university level students!

Short Videos Two to six-minute video clips of prominent politicians, leaders and academics discussing issues relating to current events and American and global history.

Content Resources Educational materials concerning ethics and war, peacemaking and social justice, and genocide and intervention. Also included is a glossary of terms.

Primary Sources Some of Carnegie Council's favorite articles, speeches, diaries excerpts, and interviews from the past 100 years. Also included are relevant collections from 21st century history.

Contests and Networks Looking to get involved in the international affairs community? We offer a variety of opportunities for students of all levels in both NYC and abroad!

Book Notes Carnegie Council hosts multimedia book companions for several publications concerning ethics and international affairs.

Carnegie Council is one of the world's top creators of nonpartisan educational resources on international ethics, used by professionals, journalists, educators, students, and the greater public. Our website is part of the U.S. Library of Congress collection of Public Policy Internet Materials.

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