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Free for a Limited Time! New E-Book Publication, "Ethics for a Connected World: The Carnegie Council Centennial Roundtables"

Nov 6, 2014

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs and its quarterly peer-reviewed journal, Ethics & International Affairs, are pleased to announce the publication of a special collection of symposia and roundtables in honor of the Carnegie Council Centennial (1914–2014).

"Ethics for a Connected World: The Carnegie Council Centennial Roundtables" brings together views and perspectives on global issues from leading public intellectuals, academics, and policymakers. The seven roundtables explore the concept of a global ethic, the ideal of peace, the justness of war, the nuclear threat, the international rule of law, the future of human rights, and the new challenges of climate change.

"We're very proud to offer this Centennial collection to the public, and we hope that it will be a particularly stimulating volume for research and classroom use," said Council president Joel H. Rosenthal. "The issues addressed here are at the very heart of international relations. And while climate change is a relatively recent challenge, most of these essays touch on themes that have been historically important to the Council's work for the past one hundred years—and will continue to be important for many more years to come."

We are pleased to announce that, for a limited time, every special centennial roundtable and symposium will be available FREE, in its entirety, through our publisher, Cambridge University Press. To access this special issue, click here.

Roundtables and Contributors:

In Search of a Global Ethic Michael Ignatieff, David Rodin, Michael Joseph Smith, Christian Barry, Nicholas Rengger, Cheyney Ryan

Just War and Its Critics Cian O'Driscoll, James Turner Johnson, John Kelsay, Daniel Brunstetter, Megan Braun

Reflections on the Future of Peace David C. Hendrickson, Akira Iriye, Nigel Young, Laura Sjoberg, Andrew Hurrell

Nonproliferation in the 21st Century J. Bryan Hehir, Jacques H. C. Hymans, Nina Tannenwald, Ward Wilson

The International Rule of Law Ian Hurd, David Dyzenhaus, Christian Reus-Smit, Rosa Brooks, Ruti Teitel

The Future of Human Rights James W. Nickel, Philip Alston, Beth A. Simmons, Jack Donnelly, Andrew Gilmour

The Facts, Fictions, and Future of Climate Change Steven M. Gardiner, Scott Russell Sanders, Paul Wapner, Clive Hamilton, Clare Palmer, Daniel Mittler, Thomas LovejoyAbout Carnegie Council Founded by Andrew Carnegie in 1914, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is an educational, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that produces lectures, publications, and multimedia materials on the ethical challenges of living in a globalized world.

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