Spring 2006 Journal Issue, featuring a special section on "Justice After War," focusing on Iraq

May 2, 2006


The Carnegie Council announces the release of the Spring 2006 issue of Ethics & International Affairs.

The special section, "Justice After War," looks at the challenges facing postwar Iraq:

  • Margaret Moore discusses the two central theories in the ethics of secession and examines whether or under what conditions these normative theories would be satisfied in a post-invasion Iraq.
  • Joy Gordon explores issues concerning accountability and global governance by looking at three cases involving Iraq: the economic sanctions imposed by the Security Council; the operation of the Oil for Food Program; and the US-led occupation authority and its management of Iraqi funds.
  • Jens Meierhenrich examines one of the most important challenges for the occupation of Iraq—making decisions about the status of people who were either responsible for or who passively benefited from the regime’s past injustices.
Also featured in this issue:
  • Accountability in International Development Aid: Political prudence should also play a role in the reform of development aid accountability, argues former Council Fellow Leif Wenar. Despite recent calls for increasing accountability, not all morally desirable forms of accountability—from the rich to the poor, for one—are politically feasible. Instead, accountability reform should focus on what works to reduce poverty.
  • Compromising Justice: Why the Bush Administration and the NGOs Are Both Wrong about the ICC: With the unsealing of the International Criminal Court’s first arrest warrants, the debate over the future of the court has reached a fevered pitch. Kenneth A. Rodman explains that both critics and supporters of the court overstate their cases. In reality, prosecutions will be guided by both political prudence and the rule of law.
  • Books reviewed include Richard Caplan's International Governance of War-Torn Territories: Rule and Reconstruction, reviewed by K. T. Vogel; and Robert Lieberman's Shaping Race Policies: The United States in Comparative Perspective, reviewed by Erik Bleich.

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