Carnegie Council Launches Site on iTunes University

Feb 4, 2011

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is proud to announce the launch of its site on iTunes U, featuring collections of the best of its resources on international affairs.

To access these videos, audios, and texts, go to

Carnegie Council topics include Islam and the West, Climate Change, and Nuclear Proliferation.

Watch, read, or listen to distinguished speakers such as Ian Johnson on the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe; Garry Wills on the atomic bomb; Steven Solomon on the impending water crisis—and many more!

Accessed by millions of people around the world, iTunes U distributes materials from colleges and universities and also offers a "Beyond Campus" section, featuring museums, libraries, broadcasting stations, and educational institutions such as the Carnegie Council.

All of the Council's resources on iTunes U are free of charge and available to the public worldwide. The Council will be continually updating collections and adding new ones, such as resources on Afghanistan and the world's emerging powers.

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