Is World Peace Possible? Answers to This and other Big Questions from 50 Thought Leaders around the World

May 2, 2013

What is the greatest ethical challenge facing the planet?

Are things getting better or worse?

What does moral leadership mean to you?

As part of its 2014 Centennial project, Ethics for a Connected World, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is asking Thought Leaders around the world to answer these questions and more.

"We've just reached the symbolic milestone of 50 interviews, and there will be many more to come," says Carnegie Council senior program director Devin Stewart, who is running this project. "While shared themes are emerging, such as the challenges of inequality, technology, and climate change, the range of answers is fascinating. We hope that surveying influential people from a variety of backgrounds will yield practical insights for anyone trying to make sense of a complex world." Recent Thought Leaders include:

  • Louise Arbour, president and CEO of the International Crisis Group, and former UN high commissioner for human rights
  • Bineta Diop, executive director of Femmes Africa Solidarit√©
  • Mary Robinson, president of the Mary Robinson Foundation - Climate Justice, former president of Ireland, and former UN high commissioner for human rights
  • Jonathan Sacks, former chief rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth and professor of religious studies

For all Thought Leader interviews, please click here.

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