Free Online Syllabi from Carnegie Council Global Ethics Fellows

Mar 12, 2014

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs presents a collection of course syllabi from the Council's Global Ethics Fellows around the world. Although these materials are designed for students, they will be useful for everyone who cares about the pressing international issues of our time, from conflict to climate change. Ethics, Law, and Armed Conflict: David Ritchie, Mercer University, GA This course examines legal and moral doctrines related to international armed conflict, including the right of states to resort to force and the rules governing the conduct of hostilities. Global Civics: Global Civics Academy, founded by Hakan Altinay, Brookings Institution and Yale University This 14-week online course features video lectures by international thought leaders discussing global issues such as public health, inequality, trade, and the responsibility to protect. Students may take the course for credit or audit it. Both options are free. Global Ethics: Evan Berry, American University, Washington D.C. This course explores the complexities of international relations along two fronts: the emergence of global ethical questions, and the globalization of ethics itself. Global Governance: Katsuhiko Mori, International Christian University, Tokyo The aim of this course is to provide students with a comprehensive overview of theoretical and practical challenges involved in the complex subject of global governance. Modern Moral Problems: Climate Change: Evan Berry This course is designed to introduce students to an ethical issue of contemporary significance and along the way develop a deeper understanding of applied ethics as a field. Religion, Modernity, and Democracy: Understanding Islam in Politics: Jocelyne Cesari, Harvard University This course investigates the relationship between modernization, politics, and Islam in Muslim-majority countries from the end of World War II to the Arab Spring.

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