Joel Rosenthal Awarded Honorary Degree by University of Edinburgh

Oct 28, 2013

In October 2013, Carnegie Council President Joel Rosenthal received an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science in Social Sciences from the University of Edinburgh. The degree was awarded in recognition of his contribution to the field of international relations and ethics.

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs was founded in 1914 to pursue Andrew Carnegie's commitment to international peace. It is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that has earned a reputation as an objective, honest broker in international affairs. Dr. Rosenthal became president in 1995, and has transformed the venerable institution into a global forum that reaches hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. The Council produces lectures, publications, and multimedia materials on the ethical challenges of living in a globalized world.

"Joel Rosenthal has led the Council through a challenging era as new forms of international conflict have emerged," said University of Edinburgh Professor Charlie Jeffery in his address. He noted that Dr. Rosenthal is an eminent scholar, and a "formidable leader who has impressively adapted the Council's work to the digital age, using new technologies to serve enduring values."

"It may not surprise that discussions of ethics often become heated," he continued. "Joel Rosenthal disarms such encounters with a quiet authority, a respect for other viewpoints, good humor, and an unflappable insistence that all voices be heard. It is on that basis that the Carnegie Council is so highly respected for the integrity and effectiveness with which it inserts ethical debate into international affairs."

(To read the full address, download the PDF.)

Dr. Rosenthal was in Edinburgh as head of a Council delegation attending the 100th anniversary of the Carnegie-UK Trust and associated Carnegie-related events. These included the Andrew Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy awards, held in the Scottish Parliament. As part of the UK Trust events, Carnegie Council held a symposium in the Scottish Parliament to mark its own 2014 Centennial, entitled "From World War to a Global Ethic." For a collection of the social media during this memorable week, go to

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