Photo of George Rupp
Photo of George Rupp

Carnegie Council Appoints George Rupp as Senior Fellow

Sep 3, 2013

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is pleased to announce the appointment of George Rupp as senior fellow, effective September 1, 2013.

Dr. Rupp recently stepped down as president and CEO of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) after 11 years of service. Prior to leading the IRC, Rupp was president of Columbia University, president of Rice University, and dean of the Harvard Divinity School. Click here for Dr. Rupp's biography, which demonstrates the remarkable confluence of Dr. Rupp’s career and the work of Carnegie Council.

Dr. Rupp's project is "Ethics in an Age of Globalization: Exploring the Intersection of Values and Conflict in International Affairs." As principal investigator, Dr. Rupp will write a book on this topic based on his lifelong study of religion, and his recent work as president of the International Rescue Committee. He will also help design and convene programs on this theme.

The project aims to reframe the discussion of globalization away from its current emphasis on power politics and economic cost-benefit analysis, towards an ethics-centered approach that focuses on the role of values in a pluralistic, globalized world.

It is Carnegie Council's great privilege to be associated with George Rupp, who is an exemplar of moral leadership in education, advocacy, and public service. As the Council enters its Centennial year, it welcomes Dr. Rupp as a voice for ethics, ideally suited to provide insight on the religious dimension of pluralism and peace.

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