Ethics & International Affairs: Call for Papers

Nov 3, 2011

Ethics & International Affairs, a refereed quarterly publication of Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, is pleased to invite submissions for upcoming issues.

The journal bridges the gap between theory and practice by publishing original essays that integrate rigorous thinking about principles of ethics and justice into discussions of practical issues related to current policy developments, global institutional arrangements, and the conduct of important international actors.

The journal welcomes submissions related to the major themes of Carnegie Council's work: Ethics, War, and Peace, Global Social Justice, and Religion in Politics.

In 2012 we are particularly seeking submissions that address the following topics from a variety of theoretical perspectives:

  • International finance, trade, and poverty

International trade and human rights; the ethics, nature, and role of international finance in global affairs; the distribution of gains and losses in the global economy; reform of international economic institutions; ways to measure "progress."

  • Peace and human security

New understandings of security; the ethics of peacebuilding; conceptualizing "peace."

  • Gender in global politics

Gender and global justice; women and development; gender and human rights; women and war; gender and health.

  • International labor, borders, and migration

Migrants, foreign workers, and human rights; the ethics and economics of remittances and brain drain; international criminal networks, human trafficking, and laborers; child labor and slavery; the role and limitations of international institutions and global governance mechanisms.

  • Environmental ethics and sustainability

The role of sub-state and international actors; sustainable business practices; environment/security issues; democracy and the environment; access to/distribution of resources; responsibilities and cooperation regarding transborder issues.


RESPONSE TIME: Estimated 2–3 months

STYLE: Articles should be written in clear, jargon-free English with adequate but not excessive documentation. We aim to be accessible to a variety of readers: scholars from diverse disciplines, policy-makers, and journalists, among others.

Textual style generally follows the Chicago Manual of Style. House style sheets may be sent to authors as part of the revision process.

  • Manuscripts should be approximately 7,000 to 8,000 words. Longer manuscripts will be considered only in exceptional circumstances.
  • Articles will be reviewed by the Editors and will be forwarded for peer review upon their assessment.
  • Endnotes (not footnotes) in Chicago note style should be used. Lengthy endnotes are strongly discouraged.
  • An abstract should be included, not to exceed 250 words, as well as a short biography.

SUBMISSION: Manuscripts should be submitted as Microsoft Word files to [email protected]. Authors are encouraged to email the Editors at the same address should they have additional questions about the submission process.

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