Carnegie Ethics Studio Offers Free Broadcasting Materials on International Affairs

Oct 8, 2009

Now more than ever, there is an urgent need to look beyond day-to-day politics and examine the moral questions raised by issues such as Afghanistan, the global financial crisis, and climate change.Founded in 1914, the Carnegie Council focuses on the enduring importance of ethical values in international relations. It provides a nonpartisan, open forum for discussions that otherwise might not take place—and through its Carnegie Ethics Studio, this material is freely available to all.

Over the course of the program year (Fall though early Summer) the Council records 50 or more of its events on video and/or audio. Carnegie Ethics Studio edits all of these programs in-house and creates a variety of products for use online and on TV and radio.

It also creates original programming, such as the weekly 90-second segment Global Ethics Corner, which is available for radio, TV, web, and print. As a public service, all Carnegie Ethics Studio products are available free of charge to media outlets. CUNY TV has already picked up the half-hour TV series Global Ethics Forum and the New School campus radio is running the interview series Advocates for Ethics in Business.

"Over the summer, we radically upgraded our studio equipment," said Carnegie Ethics Studio Producer Deborah Carroll. "We installed remote-controlled cameras in the auditorium so that we can film from different angles concurrently, and put in studio LED lights. We also installed cameras and a flat-screen TV in our upstairs boardroom so that latecomers or a student class can watch the live event in real time. In addition we offer live webcasts, so you can watch our programs at home as they occur. Or you can download our popular audio and video podcasts via RSS feed and iTunes."

So far this season has already featured two Nobel Laureates—Joseph Stiglitz on reforming the international financial system and Amartya Sen on the idea of justice. Upcoming topics include the financial crisis, Saudi Arabia, and the UN Security Council.

Click here to see the event calendar.

Radio stations can download Carnegie Council programs at Public Radio Exchange.

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