Carnegie Council Launches the Global Ethics Network

May 13, 2009

New York, NY, May 13, 2009—In the 21st century, the discussion of ethics must be global, cross-cultural, and interactive.To that end, the Carnegie Council is establishing partnerships with educational institutions around the world to create the Global Ethics Network, a group that engages in non-partisan, interactive education about global issues.So far, agreements have been signed with network partners in Asia, the Middle East, and North America.Partners are developing local Carnegie Global Ethics Centers/Labs, which use Carnegie Council resources and also contribute original content. All video and audio content is edited by the Carnegie Ethics Studio in New York, transformed into easily used formats, and shared with the Network.Network programs will include class activities such as exercises, case studies and lesson plans. There will also be videoconferences, joint lectures, symposia, and conferences."The Council's mission is to promote the discussion of ethics in international affairs, and technology makes it possible to extend our reach worldwide," says Program Director William Vocke."This network will engage in face-to-face programming, both in the classroom and with diverse audiences. Our partners will participate in joint network programs and create their own distinctive local video and classroom content. In the process, a cross-cultural dialogue will naturally develop and these educational activities will take on deeper, richer dimensions."The initial partner list is as follows: AsiaNational ChengChi University, Taipei Renmin University, Beijing Shanghai International Studies University, Shanghai Sophia University, Tokyo Middle EastAmerican University, Beirut American University, Cairo North AmericaBard College, New York NY Juniata College, Huntingdon PA New York University--SPCS,Center for Global Affairs, New York NY; University of Oregon, Eugene OR University of Southern California, Levan Institute, Los Angeles CA World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA

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L to R from top row: Jazz (Pakistan), American High School at European School (Georgia), Map of Participants (Global), and ABRAPS (Brazil).

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