Publication of the Third Edition of "Ethics & International Affairs: A Reader"

Feb 13, 2009

Ethics & International Affairs: A ReaderThe Carnegie Council is pleased to announce the publication of the third edition of Ethics & International Affairs: A Reader, edited by Carnegie Council President Joel H. Rosenthal and Christian Barry, Australian National University. This volume provides a fresh selection of classroom resources, ideal for courses in international relations, ethics, foreign policy, and related fields.

Published by Georgetown University Press in cooperation with the Carnegie Council, the book contains some of the best contemporary scholarship on international ethics, written by a group of distinguished political scientists, political theorists, philosophers, applied ethicists, and economic development specialists.

Each contributor explores how moral theory can inform policy choices regarding topics such as war and intervention, international organizations, human rights, and global economic justice. This book provides an entry point into these key debates and offers a platform for further discussion.

"This extensively revised edition of a well-known collection of essays more than meets the already high standard of earlier versions," says Chris Brown, professor of international relations, London School of Economics. "The 17 essays collected here bring expert focus on the key ethical issues of the day, with contributions from most of the major authorities in the field. This is an essential teaching collection for courses on ethics and international affairs and international political theory more generally."

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The Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, established in 1914 by Andrew Carnegie, is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing understanding of the relationship between ethics and international affairs. The Carnegie Council convenes agenda-setting forums and creates educational opportunities and information resources for a worldwide audience of teachers and students, journalists, international affairs professionals, and concerned citizens.

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