Annual Graphics Contest, 2007

Jul 24, 2007

The Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is hosting a graphics contest to further its mission of being the voice for ethics in international policy. The goal of the graphics—which can be either photos or illustrations—is to illustrate the themes of the Council. Artists may submit multiple posters on the same theme or on a variety of the three themes, which are as follows:
  • Global Social Justice
  • Religion in International Politics
  • Ethics, War, and Peace

$500 prizes for the winners!

Winning images may be used as part of an international effort to promote ethical leadership in these areas, and may be featured on posters, postcards, and on the Council's website. All winning images will be displayed on the website. The Council is well known worldwide as the premier voice for ethics, so the winners will get considerable exposure.

GUIDELINESImages should be graphically attractive and convey a dynamic message. Please look at our present poster illustrations here.

These are broad themes: Please avoid any use of religious symbols, such as crucifixes, religious buildings, etc. You are not limited to our colors (blue and yellow). Feel free to use others. Images can be photos, graphic art or other mediums. Bear in mind that the images will be used in large and small formats, so they need to work well in both.

The winning images may be used as follows:

  • As a poster (Image size: 13.75 wide" x 18.75" high, not including border)
  • As postcards (Image size: 5.5" wide x 7.75" high, not including border)
  • As a mailer (Image size: 5" wide x 7.125" high, not including border)
  • On the homepage of our website in a flash animation

Please prepare your original artwork in the poster size, which can then be reduced to the postcard and mailer. Submissions should be jpeg files at 72 dpi RGB (postcard size).Winners will be asked to send a disk or CD of all artwork files.All finished artwork should be TIFF for PC at 600 dpi CMYK. Also all Photoshop files, or Illustrator files will be required. The finished artwork should be sent as a compressed file such as a .zip file or a .sit file. No other compression will be accepted.

The artwork should allow for slight cropping on all sides. In other words, essential design elements should not go to the edges. (You may sign the artwork on the poster, as long as it is discreet.)All entries should be submitted by e-mail to [email protected] with the subject line Poster Design Contest, and must include the artist's name, address, phone number, valid e-mail address, and the topic name for each image. Copyrighted Images/Subjects: Original signed release forms are required if you use copyrighted images or materials. Release forms are also needed for "subjects," whether public or private citizens. Release forms are not provided by the Carnegie Council. Copyright for the winning artworks will belong to the Council.

Your design will not be considered if:

  • It is not original artwork.
  • It mimics ad campaigns (e.g., MasterCard "priceless" commercial).
  • It will not work in the specified sizes.

Prizes - $500 Contest Deadline: November 9, 2007

Please send your submissions to: Danielle CandyCarnegie Council 170 East 64th StreetNew York, NY 10021 Tel: 212-838-4120 Email: [email protected]

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