Rockefeller Brothers Fund Supports Global Policy Innovations Program

Feb 11, 2009

Global Policy Innovations The Carnegie Council is pleased to announce a grant from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF) to support the Global Policy Innovations(GPI) Program.

Launched in 2004 with help from the RBF, GPI's mission is to highlight the best new thinking on a fairer globalization.

"With incredible foresight, the RBF saw the potential in our plan to create an online, worldwide hub for information and ideas on building a fairer globalization," says GPI Director Devin Stewart, who edits Carnegie Council's online magazine Policy Innovations. "We are extremely grateful for their vision and support over the years. This grant will help us address specific issues such as energy and climate change, and by sustaining Policy Innovations and the blogs Fairer Globalization and The Ethical Blogger, it will also increase our outreach."

"Policy Innovations continues to explore difficult ethical dilemmas that globalization poses to individuals, organizations, and nations," says Managing Editor Evan O'Neil. "The thirst for insight on these topics has fueled our exponential growth over the past several years."

GPI develops and broadcasts innovative ideas through:

    • Daily publishing: GPI publishes the critically acclaimed online magazine Policy Innovations, which features articles, podcasts, video, workshop summaries, analysis, and a companion blog, Fairer Globalization. In addition to staff input, Policy Innovations postings come from around the world, including materials from a multitude of partner sites, and from Project Syndicate, an international association of 392 newspapers in 146 countries. The public is encouraged to submit articles, academic papers, audio, and video and to post comments and contribute to the magazine's blog.
    • GPI is also a founding member of The Ethical Blogger project.

The Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, established in 1914 by Andrew Carnegie, is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing understanding of the relationship between ethics and international affairs. The Carnegie Council convenes agenda-setting forums and creates educational opportunities and information resources for a worldwide audience of teachers and students, journalists, international affairs professionals, and concerned citizens.

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