New York University's Center for Global Affairs (CGA) joins Workshops for Ethics in Business (WEB)

Aug 13, 2008

Workshops for Ethics in BusinessThe Carnegie Council is pleased to announce that New York University's Center for Global Affairs (CGA) has formally joined our Workshops for Ethics in Business (WEB) as an academic partner.

"We are delighted to be working more closely with NYU's Center for Global Affairs," said Devin Stewart, director of Global Policy Innovations and of WEB. "We share common goals, as we are both tackling issues related to globalization and seeking new strategies for sustainable development. The Center already uses Carnegie Council resources in its curriculum, and we look forward to further collaborating with NYU on educational programs."

"We are excited to further the CGA–Carnegie Council relationship, especially through the Workshops for Ethics in Business platform," said Vera Jelinek, divisional dean at NYU's Center for Global Affairs. "The Carnegie Council and the CGA share a commitment to rigorous thinking about ethics and globalization, so I know that this collaboration will enrich the business community and the work of our students and faculty in meaningful ways."

The Center for Global Affairs educates and inspires students to become global citizens capable of identifying and implementing solutions to pressing global challenges. The CGA offers an M.S. in Global Affairs, a professional Certificate in Global Affairs, and a robust series of public events at its location in the historic Woolworth Building in lower Manhattan. Its faculty is made up of scholars as well as senior staff members of NGOs, international lawyers, journalists specializing in global affairs, and other professionals whose substantive experience heightens students' awareness of emerging issues, helping them succeed in virtually any global career.

The Carnegie Council's Workshops for Ethics in Business is a one-of-a-kind forum that brings top corporations and NGOs together in a civilized setting to share innovative ideas for addressing ethical issues related to globalization. Inspired by Booz & Company's concept of "megacommunities," or multi-stakeholder engagement, and Georgetown University Professor Pietra Rivoli's notion that civilization advances through the positive interaction between civil society and business, these luncheon workshops aim to fill a vacuum in corporate training, business schools, and organizational leadership. Recent workshops include a session on the Beijing Games and another on the rise of Russia and China.

For more information, please contact Madeleine Lynn at [email protected].

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