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Series 2, No. 1 (Winter 2000): Human Rights for All? The Problem of the Human Rights Box


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Under this title, we launch the broad theme of the new phase of the Human Rights Initiative. With testimonies from leading human rights advocates from regions around the globe, we explore the barriers to greater popular legitimacy of the human rights movement.


Introduction: Human Rights for All? The Problem of the Human Rights Box | 12/05/99
The human rights box is a set of historical and structural circumstances that enables the human rights framework to gain currency among elites while limiting advances among the general population - a universe of opportunities for the few, none for the majority.

To Our Readers: Human Rights for All? The Problem of the Human Rights Box | 12/05/99
In this issue we examine the barriers that prevent a broad cross-section of people from embracing and benefiting from human rights. Author(s): Joanne Bauer

Why More Africans Don't Use Human Rights Language | 12/05/99
What explains the current crisis of human rights and the retreat from the human rights paradigm as an engine of struggle? To begin to understand, we must examine the evolution and practices of the organizations and institutions that espouse the protection of human rights. Author(s): Chidi Anselm Odinkalu

Reflections on Human Rights at Century's End | 12/05/99
Larry Cox reflects on the record of human rights throughout the past century as well as what the future holds for the human rights movement around the world. Author(s): Larry Cox

Crime: A Latin American Challenge for Human Rights | 12/05/99
Carlos Basombrío writes on the the issue of crime in Latin America. Crime presents human rights advocates with challenges that must be resolved if Latin American countries are to build legitimacy for human rights principles. Author(s): Carlos Basombrío

Human Rights in the Aftermath of Kosovo | 12/05/99
In the Balkans, where human rights discourse was used to morally justify the loss and destruction of thousands of lives, the human rights language, paradigm, and call to action have become problematic. In the aftermath of Kosovo, the soul of human rights is in search of a new embodiment. Author(s): Dimitrina Petrova

The Credibility Crisis of International Human Rights in the Arab World | 12/05/99
International groups should collaborate with the local Arab movement to develop strategies to build the moral standing of human rights among the public and improve the responsiveness of human rights practice to Arab concerns. Author(s): Bahey El Din Hassan

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