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Robert Z. Aliber

Robert Z. Aliber is professor of international economics and finance at the University of Chicago.

He is director of the Center for Studies in International Finance; on the research staff for the Committee for Economic Development and Commission on Money and Credit; and senior economic advisor for the Agency for Economic Development, U.S. Department of State.

Selected Publications:

  • The Multinational Paradigm (1993)
  • Readings in International Business: A Decision Approach (Co-editor, 1993)
  • Money, Banking, and Economic Activity (Co-author, 1993)
  • Global Portfolios: Quantitative Strategies for Maximum Performance (Co-editor, 1991)
  • The Handbook of International Financial Management (Editor, 1990)
  • Resources

    Research Area:

    The international financial system; exchange rate issues; international money, capital markets and capital flows; the multinational firm; international banking; public policy issues.

    Last Updated: Dec 07, 2010

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