Fractured Globalization & the Future of the International System, with Nikolas Gvosdev

May 14, 2020

President Trump at Honeywell International Inc., Phoenix, AZ, May 5, 2020.
CREDIT: Shealah Craighead/White House/Public Domain.

Nikolas Gvosdev, director of Carnegie Council's U.S. Global Engagement program (USGE), spoke to the World Affairs Forum on May 8 to discuss "fractured globalization" amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.  

USGE is animated by three goals: first, to reshape discussions of American foreign policy to address the causes and consequences of U.S. disengagement; second, to move ethical considerations to the center of thinking about international relations; and third, to examine the narrative shifts taking place as America redefines its role in the world.

The webinar (full video below) goes to the heart of his work and to USGE itself. 

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