Global Ethics Weekly: Science Fiction, Micro-democracy, & Information, with Malka Older

October 18, 2018

Malka Older has spent time as an aid worker in Darfur, Indonesia, and Japan, as was discussed in last week's podcast, but she also has another role: science fiction novelist. Her latest book, "State Tectonics," is the third in the Centenal Cycle series, which explores the concepts of "micro-democracy" and a "global information management bureacracy" in the near future. How have separatists from East Timor to Catalonia influenced Older's novels?

State Tectonics, the third book in the Centenal Cycle after Infomocracy and Null States, was published in September. You can find more from Older on her personal website and her Twitter account @m_older. This podcast also references Older's 2017 PRI article "Why I'm pro-secession for anyone who wants it." 

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