Global Ethics Weekly: The Ongoing Crisis in Yemen

August 9, 2018

The world's worst humanitarian crisis is ongoing in Yemen, as the Saudi-led coalition, with the support of the U.S., continues its brutal campaign against the entrenched Houthi rebels. Waleed Alhariri, U.S. director of the Sana'a Center for Strategic Studies, details the military stalemate centered on a Red Sea port, the debate about America's role, and the prospects for peace, with a UN-led conference in Geneva scheduled for early September.

This talk contains excerpts from Alhariri's June 2017 Carnegie New Leaders Podcast, Every month, Alhariri helps to write the Sana'a Center's Yemen at the UN newsletter and this discussion focuses on many of the issues featured in the July issue. You can follow Alhariri on Twitter @WalheedAlhariri.

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