Clip of the Month: Jobs, Education, and Assimilation in France with Gilles Kepel

May 24, 2017

Gilles Kepel, a professor at Sciences Po in Paris, is an internationally recognized authority on the Arab world and one of the leading experts on French Muslims. He finds himself in the spotlight once again. According to the Daily Beast, he has become French President Emmanuel Macron's "man on terrorism."

In this clip, Kepel answers a question that is on everyone's mind: How can France respond structurally to young Muslims who feel alienated from society? In a sincere answer, Kepel references his own background and points to two key areas that President Macron will be working on as he begins his five-year term.

With the horrific attacks in Manchester, England still fresh in our minds, it is clear that Kepel's words must be turned into action if we want to prevent future attacks on Western Europe and North America.