THE LIVING WAR: World War I in the 21st Century

The series will be guided by the spirit of William Faulkner's saying about the past not being dead—and, in fact, not even being past. In addition to discussing the history of the war, it will pay special attention to some of the major concepts, trends, and movements to emerge from it, as well as those that were irrevocably altered by it—such as nationalism, imperialism, collective security, global governance, transnationalism, and great power politics.

Featuring scholars, journalists, and other experts, the series will connect the social fractures, political debates, and policy choices that still resonate in the structure of the international system. It will run through 2014, to coincide with the anniversary of the outbreak of World War I, as well as the Carnegie Council Centennial.

The Living War is co-produced by Mladen Joksic and Zach Dorfman.