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  • ACCA, Carnegie Council, and CFA Institute Join Forces to Shine a Light on Ethics 09/17/18
    ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) has teamed up with Carnegie Council and CFA Institute to celebrate this year's Global Ethics Day on October 17, 2018. Beginning with a series of "follow the sun" events on Global Ethics Day itself, the three organizations are also producing a film interview series called "Ethics in business: in their own words" which will feature a number of global CEOs.
  • Just Out: "Ethics & International Affairs" Fall 2018 Issue 09/05/18
    The centerpiece of this issue is a roundtable guest-edited by James Pattison on the ethics of overlooked alternatives to war, with contributions from Alex J. Bellamy, Corneliu Bjola, Cécile Fabre, Michael L. Gross, and James Pattison. Additionally, the issue contains an essay by Ian Hurd on the empire of international legalism; a feature by Alejandra Mancilla evaluating the moral force of territorial claims in Antarctica; a review essay by George DeMartino on sensible globalization in an illiberal era; and book reviews by Eleanor Gordon, Marcus Carlsen Häggrot, Shadi Mokhtari, and Serena Parekh.
  • Back to School with Carnegie Council's Online Lessons, Worksheets, Primary Sources, and Activities 08/29/18
    With the new school year in mind Carnegie Council has added timely new high school and undergraduate resources to its extensive online Education Section. These include two new sections, "Thinking Democratically" and "Moral Leadership and the Environment," plus new materials in the "Worksheets and Excerpts on History and Government" section.
  • Cambridge University Press Offers Free Access to Eight Most-Cited "Ethics & International Affairs" Articles 08/28/18
    Free access until the end of October to eight most-cited "Ethics & International Affairs" journal articles from 2017, compliments of Cambridge University Press. Topics include statelessness, refugees, human rights, R2P, Just War, and climate geoengineering.
  • Join Carnegie Council & Organizations around the World: Celebrate Global Ethics Day, October 17, 2018 08/22/18
    Global Ethics Day, October 17, 2018, is an opportunity for institutions to hold events on or around this day to explore the essential role of ethics, globally and in every field.
  • International Student Essay Contest, 2018: Is it Important to Live in a Democracy? 08/13/18
    This annual essay contest is open to students of all nationalities anywhere in the world. This year's topic: "Is it Important to Live in a Democracy?" The essay should include a definition/explanation of the concept of democracy (written in your own words) and then explain why democracy is or is not important. Length:1,000-1,500 words. Deadline: December 31, 2018.
  • Carnegie Council Announces "Information Warfare" Podcast Interview Series 08/08/18
    With the growing power of surveillance technology and digital media, political influence operations have become an attractive tool of statecraft for great powers. These weapons of influence are being deployed in a battle for global public opinion about fate of the liberal order. The "Information Warfare" podcast series explores how these campaigns work, what their goals are, and how democracies can respond.
  • Carnegie Council Presents Materials in French and English from Year-Long Research Project, "Russian Soft Power in France" 07/24/18
    This year-long project explored Russian influence in French political parties and civil society institutions today. The research includes historical background on relations between France and Russia, which is essential to an understanding of the current situation. This valuable case study on France sheds light on Russia's soft power strategies to bolster allied political parties in established European democracies.
  • Carnegie Council Launches New Global Ethics Weekly Podcast on International Affairs 07/18/18
    Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs announces the launch of Global Ethics Weekly, a podcast series that connects current events to Carnegie Council resources through conversations with the organization's Senior Fellows.
  • Just Out: "Ethics & International Affairs" Summer 2018 Issue 06/08/18
    This issue features Lea Ypi on the importance of social class in debates about migration; Jennifer L. Tobin on international investment agreements and "regulatory chill'"; Cristina Cielo and Lisset Coba on the intersection of gender and disease in extractive economies; Gregory M. Reichberg and Henrik Syse on the ethics of threats in international relations; Alasia Nuti on the structural injustices that characterize temporary labor migration within the EU; Cian O'Driscoll on contemporary just war thinking; and Emma S. Norman on a global water ethic.
  • Carnegie Council Launches for Fifth Global Ethics Day, October 17 05/22/18
    To celebrate the fifth Global Ethics Day on October 17, 2018, Carnegie Council has launched a new website especially for this annual event: Global Ethics Day is a global teach-in and an opportunity for institutions to explore the role of ethics in a globalized world. Contact us via the website and let us know how you plan to participate.
  • Carnegie Council Announces Robert J. Myers Fund Recipients for 2018 05/21/18
    The Fund supports and promotes activities of the Carnegie Council network that embody Mr. Myers' vision of effective ethical inquiry rooted in local experiences and communities. This year 10 projects were chosen, located in Ethiopia, Djibouti, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Japan, Myanmar, Namibia, South Africa, and the United States.

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