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  • Call for Applications for Manila, Philippines, Fact-Finding Trip, October 2018, Deadline March 16 02/05/18
    The purpose of the fact-finding trip to Manila will be to conduct dialogues with experts and practitioners to explore current issues relating to climate change in Philippine politics and society. Topics of conversation may include: rising sea levels, disaster response, human rights, migration, community resilience, urban planning, civil rights, gender equality, energy policy, and climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  • Carnegie Council Appoints Nikolas K. Gvosdev as Senior Fellow, U.S. Global Engagement Program 01/26/18
    At Carnegie Council, Dr. Gvosdev will be focusing on American disengagement from global affairs in the Trump era. His work will advance discussion on one of the most pressing questions for U.S. foreign policy today: To what extent does the present international order rely on active and sustained U.S. engagement and support to function?
  • Winners of Carnegie Council's 2017 International Student Photo Contest on Climate Change 01/18/18
    Carnegie Council is delighted to announce the winners of its fifth annual International Student Photography Contest. The topic was Climate Change. We asked for photos that show examples of climate change OR examples of combating or adapting to climate change. The winners come from Beijing and Pennsylvania, with an honorable mention from Hong Kong.
  • Top Carnegie Council Resources, 2017 12/13/17
    2017 will be remembered for upheavals across the board and Carnegie Council's audience picks reflect this. Our most popular podcasts and web resources this year focused on shifts in the established geopolitical order; migrants and refugees; and the disruptions brought about by new technologies.
  • Just Out: "Ethics & International Affairs" Winter 2017 Issue 12/08/17
    This issue contains essays by Jonathan D. Caverley on how to slow the proliferation of major conventional weapons and Janos Pasztor on why international governance of geoengineering is so desperately needed; a roundtable on the overlapping relationship between the laws and the ethics of war, with contributions from David Luban, Valerie Morkevicius, James Turner Johnson, and Edward Barrett; a feature by Christopher J. Preston comparing the relative moral culpability of a carbon emitter to that of a benevolent climate engineer, with responses from Holly Lawford-Smith, Sikina Jinnah and Douglas Bushey, and Mike Hulme; and book reviews from Michael Goodhart, Ryan Jenkins, Sophie Rosenberg, Anna Stilz, and Matt Zwolinski.
  • Carnegie Council Appoints Nine Fellows for the Project, "The Living Legacy of the First World War" 11/20/17
    Carnegie Council announces the selection of nine fellows who will receive stipends and other support to pursue research under the project "The Living Legacy of the First World War." The selected fellows will pursue original research and writing for publication. They will conduct podcasted interviews and attend a conference at a location to be determined.
  • Over 60 Organizations in 30+ Countries Celebrate Global Ethics Day, 2017 11/16/17
    October 18, 2017 marked the fourth annual Global Ethics Day, with participation from over 60 organizations and individuals from 31 countries on five continents. Founded by Carnegie Council in 2014 to celebrate its centennial, Global Ethics Day is a global teach-in, an opportunity for institutions to explore the role of ethics in a globalized world. From Gambia to Nicaragua to Romania, everyone celebrated in their own way.
  • Calling Teachers and Students: Essay and Photo Contests, Deadline December 31, 2017 11/09/17
    Carnegie Council is pleased to announce its two annual international contests: an essay contest for teachers and students on the world's greatest ethical challenge, and a photo contest for students on climate change.
  • Carnegie Council's 2017 Religion & Pluralism Research Delegation to Yogyakarta, Indonesia 11/01/17
    From October 15-21, 2017, Devin Stewart, senior director of Carnegie Council's Asia Dialogues program, led a group of 12 Pacific Delegates from seven countries and a diverse set of professional backgrounds to Yogyakarta to examine the role of religion and pluralism in Indonesian politics and society. The delegates participated in classroom discussions, expert lectures, cultural activities, and site visits.
  • Call for Papers, "Ethics & International Affairs" Journal 10/27/17
    Ethics & International Affairs, the quarterly peer-reviewed publication of the Carnegie Council, is pleased to invite submissions for upcoming issues. The editors are particularly interested in articles for peer review that address the following broad topics: emerging technologies; issues of gender; and global health.
  • Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative (C2G2) Launches New Website 10/06/17
    Carnegie Council announces the launch of a new website for its Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative, known as C2G2. While the website will do its best to represent a multiplicity of views, consensus on this contentious topic will be difficult to achieve. Hopefully there is one issue everyone will agree on: if ever geoengineering technologies are to be applied, they will need to be governed.
  • New Book, "The Ordinary Virtues: Moral Order in a Divided World" by Carnegie-Uehiro Centennial Chair Michael Ignatieff 09/19/17
    Carnegie Council congratulates Michael Ignatieff on the publication of "The Ordinary Virtues." This important book is the culmination of his Carnegie Council Centennial project, Global Ethical Dialogues, a multi-year initiative that engaged societies across the world in the quest for a global ethic--shared values with which to tackle problems that transcend national boundaries.

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