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  • Just Out: "Ethics & International Affairs" Summer 2020 Issue 07/09/20
    The highlight of the Summer 2020 issue of "Ethics & International Affairs" is a roundtable organized by Daniel R. Brunstetter on limited strikes and the associated ethical, legal, and strategic concerns. The collection contains contributions from Daniel R. Brunstetter, Wendy Pearlman, Jean-Baptiste Jeangène Vilmer, Danielle L. Lupton, and Eric A. Heinze and Rhiannon Neilsen.
  • Ethics, International Affairs, & the COVID-19 Pandemic 04/02/20
    Even though our physical office in New York City is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our work has continued without pause. We are adapting to our new reality and our recent podcasts and blog posts reflect this. The effects of pandemic have deep implications for the future of international relations; how nations are using artificial intelligence, surveillance, and big data; and the ways that private citizens, corporations, and states communicate and receive information online, as disinformation and pseudoscience become even more dangerous.
  • Distance Learning Resources from Carnegie Council 03/18/20
    As the reality of distance learning sets in this week, Carnegie Council is highlighting its education section, a free resource for teachers and students, curated by New York City high school teachers.
  • Call for Abstracts: Carnegie Council 2020 Student Research Conference 03/02/20
    Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is pleased to announce a call for abstracts for our sixth annual Student Research Conference. It will be held at Carnegie Council's New York City headquarters on Friday, May 8, 2020. We ask all interested candidates to submit an abstract of no more than 500 words by Monday, April 6.
  • Winners of Carnegie Council's International Student Essay Contest 2019 - Internet Responsibility 01/31/20
    Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is pleased to announce the winners of its 2019 International Student Essay Contest. Winners come from France/Italy, Pakistan, Russia, South Korea, and the United States.
  • Just Out: "Ethics & International Affairs" Winter 2019 Issue 12/09/19
    The centerpiece of the Winter 2019 issue of "Ethics & International Affairs" is a symposium entitled "Just War and Unjust Soldiers," with a lead article by Scott D. Sagan and Benjamin A. Valentino on American public opinion regarding the moral equality of combatants; responses by Michael Walzer, Jeff McMahan, and Robert O. Keohane; and a rejoinder by Sagan and Valentino.
  • Celebrating the Sixth Global Ethics Day with Carnegie Council and Participants Around the World 10/29/19
    Held on the third Wednesday of every October, Global Ethics Day, a project of Carnegie Council, provides an opportunity for everyone around the world to explore the crucial role of ethics in their professions and their daily lives. October 16, 2019 marked the sixth annual Global Ethics Day, and it was one of the biggest years yet. By Carnegie Council's count, there were 140+ activities by organizations and individuals in nearly 50 countries.
  • Carnegie Council Celebrates the Sixth Global Ethics Day 10/16/19
    Held every October, Global Ethics Day provides an opportunity for organizations around the world to hold events for people to explore the crucial role of ethics in their professions and their daily lives. This year, Carnegie Council is partnering with Bruce Weinstein, The Ethics Guy®, for a webinar on business ethics and will highlight events from around the world on
  • Carnegie Council Releases “Ethics in Business” Compilation Videos Ahead of Global Ethics Day on October 16 10/10/19
    Ahead of Global Ethics Day on October 16, Carnegie Council has released three short videos compiling some of the most compelling moments from the "Ethics in Business: In Their Own Words" interview series, produced in partnership with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and CFA Institute.
  • Just Out: "Ethics & International Affairs" Fall 2019 Issue 09/10/19
    The highlight of the Fall 2019 issue of "Ethics & International Affairs" is a roundtable on "Economic Sanctions and Their Consequences." Other topics include human rights and conflict resolution, Afghan attitudes toward civilian wartime harm, the role of supererogation on the battlefield, and the ethics of not-so-civil resistance.
  • Back to School with Carnegie Council's New High School Resources 08/30/19
    With the new school year in mind, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs has added timely new high school materials to its extensive online education section. Carnegie Council created high school level world and U.S. history resources based on opinion pieces from "The New York Times" "1919: The Year of the Crack Up" series and Carnegie Council senior fellow Ted Widmer's accompanying podcast.
  • Join Carnegie Council & Organizations around the World: Celebrate Global Ethics Day, October 16, 2019 08/08/19
    Global Ethics Day, October 16, 2019, is an opportunity for institutions to hold events on or around this day to explore the essential role of ethics, globally and in every field.

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