"Migration in Political Theory: The Ethics of Movement and Membership" edited by Sarah Fine and Lea Ypi [Full text]

Ethics & International Affairs, Volume 30.4 (Winter 2016)

December 15, 2016

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Review by Shelley Wilcox

Migration in Political Theory: The Ethics of Movement and Membership, Sarah Fine and Lea Ypi, eds. (New York: Oxford University Press, 2016), 288 pp., $90 cloth.

This collection of twelve (mostly) original essays by some of the most distinguished political theorists, philosophers, and legal scholars working on the normative issues surrounding borders and migration addresses a wide range of theoretical and practical topics: the scope of the right to freedom of movement, justice in labor migration and guestworker programs, fair admissions and membership policies, the nature of refugee-hood, and the limitations of the current international refugee regime. What is more, despite this impressive range, Migration in Political Theory is a well-edited volume united by a few core themes, with some essays engaging directly with one another. The result is a coherent and exciting anthology, offering fresh perspectives on familiar theoretical debates and broadening the field of normative inquiry to include real-world migration issues previously overlooked by mainstream theorists.

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