"The Vulnerable in International Society" by Ian Clark

Ethics & International Affairs, Volume 28.3 (Fall 2014)

"The Vulnerable in International Society" by Ian Clark

By Kalevi Holsti

The Vulnerable in International Society, Ian Clark (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013), 190 pp., $99 cloth, $34.99 paper.

In 1977 the Australian international relations scholar Hedley Bull published a seminal work, The Anarchical Society, an exploration of the sources of international order. While acknowledging that international politics are characterized by Hobbesian, liberal, and Kantian elements simultaneously, he argued that underlying them are elements of order, by which he meant a pattern of activity that sustains the elementary or primary goals of the society of states, or international society. The goals are the preservation of the system of states, the preservation of the independence of its members, and that members of the international society see peace as the normal rather than exceptional condition of their mutual relations.

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