Ethics & International Affairs Volume 23.4 (Winter 2009)

December 15, 2009

Ethics & International Affairs, Volume 23.4

In the summer of 2008, Princeton's Institute for Advanced Studies and the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs convened a conference to recognize Michael Walzer's enormous contribution to the ethical and political philosophy of the 20th century. This issue features selected papers from the conference by Charles R. Beitz, Michael W. Doyle, and Will Kymlicka, with an introduction by Yitzhak Benbaji.

It also includes  a feature on political reconciliation by Daniel Philpott; a review essay entitled "In Pursuit of Peace," by Kent J. Kille; and book reviews.    

Ethics & International Affairs Volume 23.4 (Winter 2009)

Symposium: Walzer and the Moral Standing of States


Review Essay

Book Reviews

Briefly Noted