Review Essay: Moral and Legal Restraint in Warfare [Excerpt]

Ethics & International Affairs, Volume 10 (1996)

December 4, 1996

Ethics & International Affairs

Review of Ethics, Killing and War, by Richard Norman; The Ethics of War and Peace: Religious and Secular Perspectives, by Terry Nardin, ed.; The Laws of War: Constraints on Warfare in the Western World, by Michael Howard, George J. Andreopoulos, and Mark R. Shulman, eds.; and War and Law Since 1945, by Geoffrey Best.

The four books reviewed here approach questions regarding the ethical and legal constraints on the use of military power in international relations, from philosophical, historical, cross-cultural, religious, and legal perspectives. The diverse orientations of the reviewed works are evidence of the depth of the field of study, and cumulatively they represent a thorough review of the state of the discussion.


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