More Resources on Workplace Codes of Conduct

October 6, 2000

Online Resources

Asia Monitor Resource Center
An independent NGO focusing on Asian labor concerns. Its flagship publication is Asian Labour Update, a quarterly news bulletin on labor issues in the Asia-Pacific region. The site archives all the articles (currently, from September-November 1999 to June-August 2000).

As You Sow Foundation
A nonprofit foundation for promoting corporate responsibility. The site has information on the foundation's three campaigns to eradicate sweatshop conditions: Disney, Nike, and Walmart.

Chinese Staff and Workers' Association (CSWA)
A New York-based organization that brings together Chinese immigrant workers to address the issues affecting the lives of Chinese working people. Visit the site for a list of links to other worker-led organizations. Note: The CSWA newsletter will soon be online.
A resource site run by Co-op America, providing all the information one needs to contribute to the global campaign to end sweatshops.

Global Exchange
A San Francisco-based human rights organization dedicated to promoting environmental, political, and social justice around the world. Site contains a wealth of resource links for those in need of information on the current campaigns to end sweatshops and/or who want to get involved. It lists upcoming events in the San Francisco Bay area and actions that can be taken by making a call or sending a letter. Site gives prominence to resources rather than the organization itself ("About us" is towards the bottom of the navigation).

International Labor Organization (ILO)
A specialized, independent agency of the United Nations, based in Geneva, Switzerland, with the mission of promoting decent work standards for all. The above link takes you to the site for the ILO's Washington Branch Office, providing information of special interest in the United States -- e.g., online "crash courses" in child labor for high school and college students.

International Labor Rights Fund (ILRF)
A Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit advocating better protection for workers around the globe through the enforcement of internationally recognized labor rights. The site provides ample information on the ILRF's own projects -- on child labor, sweatshop workers, labor rights in China, forced laborers, sexual harassment, IMF/World Bank practices, and workers and trade. It addition, there is an area for displaying (for six months) requests for letters of protest and solidarity from workers' organizations, human rights groups, and trade unions around the world (past Urgent Actions are archived).

Maquila Solidarity Network (MSN)
A Canadian network promoting solidarity with groups in Mexico, Central America, and Asia organizing in maquiladora [sweatshop] factories to improve conditions and earn a living wage. The site lists MSN's current and past public campaigns to expose sweatshop practices and demand retailer accountability (present campaigns include Disney, Wal-Mart, Nike, and Gap). The site also offers "resource files" containing analytical and background materials -- consisting primarily of MSN articles but also materials from other sources. Finally, it lists tools for taking campaign action and research action ("education action tools" are under construction). Note: There is also a Spanish-language version of the site.

National Labor Committee (NLC)
A New York-based human rights advocacy group dedicated to promoting and defending the rights of workers and to educating the American public on human and labor rights abuses by corporations. The NLC issues detailed reports on its investigations. These are archived on the site, by company (Wal-Mart, Kathie Lee, Nike, Liz Claiborne, Gap, Ralph Lauren, and Disney) and by country (Bangladesh, Burma, China, El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, and Nicaragua). The NLC has produced a number of educational videos, a selection of which can purchased online.

Sweatshop Watch
A Los Angeles-based coalition of labor, community, civil rights, immigrant rights, women's, religious and student organizations, and individuals committed to eliminating sweatshop conditions in the global garment industry, with a particular focus on garment workers in California. The site has archives of Sweatshop Watch's quarterly newsletter (currently, Fall 1995 to December 2000). There is also a wealth of information and resource links, many of which concern the plight of workers sewing for NIKE in Atlixco, Mexico, and of garment workers in Los Angeles.

Bench Marks for Measuring Business Performance
An analytical framework originally developed by the Taskforce on the Churches and Corporate Responsibility (TCCR, based in Canada), the Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility (ECCR, based in the United Kingdom) and the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR, based in the United States), for holding corporations accountable for their social and environmental impacts.

Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB)
The official arm of the U.S. Department of Labor tasked with carrying out its international responsibilities—in particular, with assessing the impact of international trade and immigration policies on U.S. workers. The site has a helpful archive of ILAB special reports—on topics such as child labor ("By The Sweat and Toil of Children: A Report to Congress"), the NAFTA agreement on labor cooperation, and labor practices in Burma.