Series 1, Number 11 (Summer 1998): Toward a "Social Foreign Policy" with Asia

This volume reports on the April 2-3, 1998 conference "Toward a ‘Social Foreign Policy' with Asia: Fostering Links Between Americans and East Asians on Shared Social Concerns," co-sponsored by the Carnegie Council and the United States Institute of Peace in Washington, DC. The conference brought together leading organizations and individuals specializing in three key issue areas—housing, the environment, and foreign workers—to discuss the dislocations produced by rapid globalization and social change, and to describe how members of societies in Asia and the United States are coping with them. During discussions, participants proposed several social and human rights foreign policy solutions in Asia and the U.S., based on society-to society linkages and a shared problems approach.


The Relevance of Social Problems to International Affairs

Exploring Commonality

Cultural and Institutional Requisites for a Shared Problems Approach