Workshops for Ethics in Business (2007-2012)

Workshops for Ethics in Business is Carnegie Council's corporate program.

These workshops provide an interdisciplinary forum for business leaders, policymakers, nonprofit representatives, and academics to explore the ethical dilemmas confronting the business community. The program provides examples of best practices that help address ethical problems that organizations face.

The world's best companies have enjoyed success partly because their competitive management systems deal with these problems globally, while their less successful competitors have been dealing with them on an ad hoc basis. Meanwhile, internal change agents have expressed the need for outside pressure for corporate reform.

Speakers include representatives of the public and private sectors, inventors and scholars, business and military leaders, and local and regional officials. Our audience is similarly diverse, including educators and students, business executives, journalists, and international affairs professionals.

Each workshop produces multimedia educational resources: YouTube clips, podcasts, transcripts, audios, and full-length and 30-minute videos available worldwide free of charge.

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