Conference: An Ethical Dialogue between Asia and the West

Fifth Annual Global Ethics Conference, October 2015

Over the past few decades, the dramatic economic growth and relative political stability of Asia have transformed the region into a major influence in the conduct of international affairs, adding a new level of plurality in voices, values, and ideas. While the region has benefited from the global liberal order, many countries, such as China and India, have normative traditions of their own that deserve consideration and will play out in politics and state relations.

Throughout 2015, Carnegie Council and its Global Ethics Fellows are facilitating a year of educational activities around curriculum development and conferences on the following:

  • Ideological and philosophical foundations, such as Confucianism, Gandhism, Buddhism, ASEAN's principles of amity and cooperation, and "Asian Values" for political thought in Asia
  • Competing claims over development goals and environmental stewardship, history and cooperation, gender and traditions, citizenship and difference, the free market and state capitalism
  • The prospect for an Asian Century and the future of its relationship with the West.

The fifth annual Global Ethics Fellows Conference is part of this initiative.