The New World Disorder
, Michael Ignatieff
In this "New York Review of Books" piece, Carnegie-Uehiro Centennial Chair Michael Ignatieff reflects on democratic dysfunctions and their impact on the world order.
Globalization is the Unsung Champion of the Protests Happening around the World
Devin T. Stewart
Globalization has become an unsung champion of an empowered, rising global middle class that is more connected and has higher expectations politically, writes Senior Program Director and Senior Fellow Devin Stewart. This piece was first pub…
Michael Ignatieff: "No hay democracia verdadera sin limitación y control efectivo del poder"
, Michael Ignatieff
In this interview with the Argentinian newspaper, "Clarin," which took place during the Council's site visit to South America, Centennial Chair Michael Ignatieff discussed democracy and the limitations of power. (In Spanish)
Michael Ignatieff: "La tecnología le da a los gobiernos un "poder sin precedentes" y la prensa tiene que ser "mucho más fuerte" para controlarlo"
, Michael Ignatieff
The Uruguayan weekly newspaper "Búsqueda," one of the two most influential political weekly newspapers in the country, featured a full-page interview with Centennial chair Michael Ignatieff. (In Spanish)
Human Rights Expert and Former Politician Michael Ignatieff Leads Ethical Dialogue in South America
Michael Ignatieff
The "Wall Street Journal" website featured a Carnegie Council press release on the Council's Global Ethical Dialogues visit to Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil.