"A new era of uncertainty is now upon us....Adding to this moment of uncertainty is an absence of moral leadership not only in the United States, but also around the world. Trust in institutions and leaders are at an all-time low. Politicians, CEOs, clergy, public intellectuals, and media voices—all are viewed with skepticism. Who speaks for ethics in these contentious times?"...

"History and experience tell us that not all the answers will be found in government. Individuals from all walks of life will be difference-makers, leading from wherever they are.

Ethics will be found in people of good will who believe in constructive responses to hard policy challenges. Ethics will be demonstrated by those who are willing to take a stand in defense of the core values of pluralism, rights, and fairness. Ethics will be invigorated by dialogue based on empirical knowledge, mutual respect, and equal regard for others. Carnegie Council will always be a home for these people and their voices."

—Excerpts from a statement by Carnegie Council President Joel H. Rosenthal, Fall 2017. Read or listen to it in full.

Now more than ever, ethics matter. This section features a selection of constructive voices, chosen from our 2017 materials, that address Carnegie Council's core values. Topics include nuclear weapons, international conflicts, civil society, climate change, and more.  

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