Pacific Delegates

Carnegie Council's Asia Dialogues program is leading a week-long fact-finding trip to Tokyo, Japan, during November 2016. The purpose of the trip will be to conduct dialogues with experts and practitioners and explore current issues relating to gender in Japanese society. Topics of conversation may include: women in the workplace, equal voice in politics, demographic trends, and gender rights. The trip leverages both a global network of scholars and a method of moral inquiry that Carnegie Council has developed over the past several years. Drawn from a variety of professional, regional, and academic backgrounds, the group of Pacific Delegates has been selected to join this trip, engage in dialogue and research, and publish their findings.

The 2016 Pacific Delegates are:

Joseph Amann
Atik Ambarwati
Brian Babcock-Lumish
Ao Kong
Emma Lo
Yin Yin Min
V. Ayano Ogawa
Ankit Panda
Angelique Porta
Kristen Sollee
Otgoo Tsedendemberel
Mary Vo