Human Rights Initiative Program Resources

The Future of Culture and Rights for Bolivia's Indigenous Movements
Present hostilities in Bolivia are fundamentally a war over the representation and status of the rights of the country’s majority indigenous population.
The Question of Torture
This distinguished panel explores the practical, moral, legal, historical, and psychological aspects of torture and debates "the ticking bomb" scenario.
A response to Elsa Stamatopoulou's paper "Why Cultural Rights Now?" (9/23/04)
In this discussion of Elsa Stamatopoulou's paper "Why Cultural Rights Now?" Richard Wilson remarks that she takes a "mediated" or "modulated universalism" view on human and cultural rights. He also points out 3 unresolved "ambiguities" and …
Why Cultural Rights Now?
Stamatopoulou discusses the destructive trends facing the world's 370 million indigenous peoples, as outlined by the Human Development Report 2004, concluding that it will take more than democracy and equitable growth to preserve their trad…
Indigenous Peoples and the Creation of an Inclusive International Legal System
John Scott, of the Secretariat for the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, discusses the challenges in achieving international protection of indigenous rights.
Revisiting Humanitarian Intervention: Post-September 11
Should Rights NGOs Ever Advocate Armed Intervention in Human Rights Crises? Has September 11 adversely affected relations between international and local rights NGOs? What is the proper role of international NGOs in shaping post-conflict in…
Bridging Human Rights and Conflict Resolution: A Dialogue Between Critical Communities
Human rights advocates and conflict resolution specialists working in war-torn societies share the common goal of constructing stable societies based on the rule of law, but their approaches are often at odds. On July 16-17, 2001, the Carne…
The Contested Terrain of Water Development and Human Rights
Nepalese water expert Dipak Gyawali discusses the role of the human rights movement in contesting dams and other water projects that destroy people's homes and livelihoods.