Advocates for Ethics in Business (Interview Series) Resources

Ethics in Business: Interview with Karl Hofmann on Private Sector Tools in Promoting Global Health
November 20, 2010
"We strongly believe that markets can be made to work for the poor in ways that far surpass the ability of the public sector and other interventions to really have the impact that we need at scale," says PSI President Karl Hoffman.
Interview with Colette Lespinasse on Haiti
November 15, 2010
Colette Lespinasse discusses pre-existing governance and human rights issues in disaster-stricken Haiti. She addresses the recent earthquake and cholera outbreak, as well as her work with migrants on the Haitian-Dominican border.
Interview with Susan Aryeetey on Women in Ghana
Wednesday, December 15, 2010
Susan Aryeetey discusses her work empowering women in Ghana. She has a background in journalism and communications, and has spent the last eight years at Ghana's International Federation of Women Lawyers, or FIDA.
Interview with Alex Felson, Landscape Architect and Urban Ecologist
December 6, 2010
A professor at Yale University, a landscape architect, and an urban ecologist, Alex Felson creates designs that take local and built environments into account. His projects include the New York City Reforestation Plan and The East River Mar…
Interview with Jonathan Rose on Green Real Estate
October 19, 2010
Jonathan Rose was one of the sustainability movement's "early adopters." He led the way in developing green affordable housing, and continues to focus on green building and transportation as key drivers in combating climate change.
Interview with William Powers, Living Off the Grid
October 21, 2010
William Powers discusses his life's journey, including time in Liberia and Bolivia, and a stay in a 12 x 12-foot cabin with no electricity or running water. It's all about learning to live sustainably and happily with less, as many societie…
Ethics in Business: Interview with Ian Yolles, Chief Marketing Officer at RecycleBank
August 26, 2010
RecycleBank's mission is to entice consumers to recycle with a rewards system similar to frequent flyer programs. "You can think of it, in a sense, as a form of behavioral economics, a carrot-versus-stick approach."
Ethics in Business: Interview with Architect Joan Krevlin
September 2, 2010
Joan Krevlin's work as an architect demonstrates what integrity can bring to a career. Deploying form and function with integrity is key to design. Krevlin manages to do so in her projects while maintaining environmental sustainability and …
Ethics in Business: Interview with Christoph Lueneburger, Sustainability Practice Leader
September 3, 2010
Christoph Lueneburger is the leader of the sustainability practice and the U.S. private equity practice at Egon Zehnder International, a human capital advisory firm. His prior career includes water investment, and he has brought sustainabil…
Ethics in Business: Interview with Digital Activist Mary Joyce
July 19, 2010
Joyce, who worked on Obama's campaign, defines digital activism as the use of digital technology in campaigns for social and political change. But technology is just another tool. Strategy must come first.
Ethics in Business: Interview with Felipe Botero, VP, MetLife
June 30, 2010
Felipe Botero is a VP at MetLife Insurance. Day-to-day, he develops insurance for retiring baby-boomers. But he is also taking on the enormous responsibility of putting together microinsurance products for MetLife in the developing world.
Interview with Richard Kauffman, CEO, Good Energies
September 8, 2009
"There is really nothing quite as essential, both in the developed and the developing world, as energy. You literally cannot have economic development without energy."
Interview with Julius Walls, Jr., CEO, Greyston Bakery
September 1, 2009
Greyston Bakery was started on the premise of bringing the unemployed into the workforce. In fact the company's motto is, "We don't hire people to bake brownies, we bake brownies to hire people."
Interview with Robert S. Harrison, CEO, Clinton Global Initiative
"I hope that CGI is able to serve as the catalyst for action, the group that is essentially creating a market between companies and governments and NGOs to create the difference that moves the ball on each of these great global challenges."…
Interview with Seth Merrin of Liquidnet Holdings
Seth Merrin is the CEO and founder of Liquidnet, a successful investment firm which gives 1 percent of its pretax income to philanthropic initiatives. Here Merrin discusses Liquidnet's key role in a Youth Village for orphans in Rwanda, mode…
Interview with Michele Wucker
"People should be able to pursue whatever helps them to fulfill their greatest potential, and that's what migration is about," says World Policy Institute's Michele Wucker.
Interview with Joseph Cahalan
August 4, 2009
"The more Xerox found out about the value of inclusion--" says Joseph Cahalan of Xerox, "that good talent comes in all colors, genders, religions, and sexual orientation, that the company became stronger and stronger because of it--the more…
Interview with Brian Trelstad
July 28, 2009
"Where we are fiercely critical of grants-based approaches is the design of services that ignore the end recipient," says Acumen Fund chief investment officer Brian Trelstad. In this interview he shares ideas on how to use entrepreneurs in …
Interview with Alice Korngold
July 21, 2009
Consultant, author, and blogger Alice Korngold talks about her work connecting corporate executives with nonprofit boards, and the transformation that takes place, person after person, as executives come up with new ways to help.
Interview with Sarah Greenberg
July 14, 2009
Sarah Greenberg discusses the social and environmental risks that companies sometimes take and how these can affect the bottom line. Tobacco is a prime example. In the long run, a product that kills its consumers is not as viable as one th…
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