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Freedom for Sale: Why the World Is Trading Democracy for Security 
John Kampfner
March 17 , 2010
John Kampfner argues that over the past 20 years several countries have decided to trade freedom and liberty in exchange for economic prosperity.  He says that this trend challenges the idea that capitalism and democracy are positively linked.   
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Superfusion: How China and America Became One Economy and Why the World's Prosperity Depends on It
Zachary Karabell
January 28, 2010
Zachary Karabell describes and explains what he calls 'superfusion'—how the economies and capital flows of China and the U.S. became inextricably entwined to the point where neither can survive without the other.
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On Compromise and Rotten Compromises
Avishai Margalit
December 9, 2009
Avashai Margalit asks when is political compromise acceptable, and when is it fundamentally rotten? What if a rotten compromise is politically necessary? Are there moral limits to acceptable compromise, and what are those limits?
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Economic Crisis: A National and International Perspective
Randy Charles Epping, Steven Greenhouse
April 22, 2009
Randy Charles Epping and Steven Greenhouse ask how is globalization affecting the economies of developed and developing nations? What should government, business, and labor do to alleviate the global economic crunch?
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The Next Hundred Years: A Forecast for the 21st Century
George Friedman
January 28, 2009
George Friedman forecasts what's in store during this new century and which nations will gain and lose power. He also discusses how new technologies will alter the way we live.
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Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy
Lawrence Lessig
November 18, 2008
Lawrence Lessig discusses how creative users of new technologies can be protected from copyright laws and reveals solutions to the "hybrid economy" evident in such websites as Wikipedia and YouTube.
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Uberpower: The Imperial Temptation of America
Josef Joffe
September 15, 2006
Josef Joffe assesses the rise of American power since the end of the Cold War from a remarkably sympathetic vantage point. He traces the roots of the world's growing anti-Americanism not just to the disastrous Iraq War—a mistake for which America is paying dearly—but to envy, fear, and the failure to keep up.
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The Accidental Empire: Israel and the Birth of the Settlements 1967–1977
Gershom Gorenberg
March 20, 2006
Gershom Gorenberg discusses the history of the Israeli settlements and examines the roadblocks that continue to frustrate the establishment of peaceful relations with the Palestinians.
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Reaching for Power: The Shi'a in the Modern Arab World
Yitzhak Nakash
March 6, 2006
Yitzhak Nakash examines the meaning of the rise of the Shi'a in the Arab world. He describes Shi'a history and argues that in order for Iraq to achieve political success the country must be unified.
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Three Billion New Capitalists: The General Shift of Wealth and Power to the East
Clyde Prestowitz
June 1, 2005
Clyde Prestowitz believes that the United States is sliding toward economic decline under globalization, arguing that these trends are creating not only increasing economic strength in Asia, but also geopolitical power.
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Lightning Out of Lebanon: Hezbollah Terrorists
Tom Diaz, Barbara Newman
March 15, 2005
Tom Diaz and Barbara Newman chronicle the story of Mohammed Youssef Hammoud, a Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist who started a terrorist cell in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1992.
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The Road To Martyrs' Square: A Journey Into the World of the Suicide Bomber
Anne Marie Oliver, Paul Steinberg
February 23, 2005
Anne Marie Oliver and Paul Steinberg describe the political and psychological environment that has fostered suicide bombers in the West Bank and Gaza.
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Exporting America: Why Corporate Greed Is Shipping American Jobs Overseas

Lou Dobbs
December 2, 2004
Lou Dobbs argues that a federally enforced curb on corporate greed could help slow the trend of shipping jobs overseas.
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The Right Nation: How Conservatism Won
John Michlethwait, Adrian Wooldridge
June 10, 2004
John Michlethwait and Adrian Wooldridge discuss conservatism in the United States and in other countries, and speculate what the future holds for the political right.
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Talk of the Devil: Encounters with Seven Dictators
Ricardo Orizio
May 28, 2003
Ricardo Orizio chronicles the lives of seven disgraced dictators that he interviewed during his years as a foreign correspondent.
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The New Chinese Empire: And What It Means for the United States

Ross Terrill
May 14, 2003
Ross Terrill asserts that although "communist repression" limits Chinese economic potential and will likely lead to a backlash against the state, China still continues to be an economic threat to the United States.
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American Empire: The Realities and Consequences of U.S. Diplomacy

Andrew J. Bacevich
April 9, 2003
Andrew Bacevich explains that the United States post-Cold War adminsitrations "strategy of openness" has been met with resistance, and that since 9/11 U.S. foreign policy has become progressively militarized.
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Answering Only to God: Faith and Freedom in Twenty-First Century Iran
Geneive Abdo, Jonathan Lyons
March 18, 2003
Geneive Abdo and Jonathan Lyons worked in Iran from 1998 to 2001 as the first American journalists to be allowed in since the revolution of 1979. They discuss the culture and people of Iran as well as the challenges that the country's Islamic leadership faces from within the state as well as abroad.
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The Lessons of Terror: A History of Warfare Against Civilians: Why It Has Always Failed and Why It Will Fail Again
Caleb Carr
February 7, 2002
Caleb Carr explains the history of the use of terrorism going back to ancient times and argues that it has always been a failed tactic.
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Taliban: Militant Islam, Oil, and Fundamentalism in Central Asia

Ahmed Rashid
December 17, 2001
Ahmed Rashid, a Pakistani journalist, details how and why the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, its treatment of women, the heroin trade, and its involvement with Osama bin Laden. He also discusses prospects for peace and stability in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban, and the role of the United Nations in the transition period.
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While America Sleeps: Self-Delusion, Military Weakness, and the Threat to Peace Today
Donald Kagan, Frederick Kagan
November 29, 2000
Donald Kagan and Frederick Kagan argue that the foreign and military policies of the United States today exhibit some ominous parallels to the policies pursued by Britain in the period between the two world wars.
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History of the Present: Essays, Sketches, and Dispatches from Europe in the 1990s
Timothy Garton Ash
December 17, 2000
Timothy Garton Ash argues that "The leaders of Western Europe share a direct responsibility for much of what went wrong in the Eastern half of the continent through the 1990s."
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The Greatest Threat: Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Crisis of Global Security

Richard Butler
June 1, 2000
Richard Butler, the former chairman of the United Nations Special Commission charged with monitoring Iraq's weapons program, details what he terms as the failure of the United Nations to achieve its goal of ensuring that Iraq not develop and maintain weapons of mass destruction.
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The Coming Anarchy: Shattering the Dreams of the Post Cold War

Robert D. Kaplan
March 7, 2000
Robert D. Kaplan looks at the future of society and international relations in the absence of a bi-polar world.
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Kosovo Crossing: American Ideals Meet Reality on the Balkan Battlefields

David Fromkin
September 30, 1999
David Fromkin explains how three millenia of Balkan history and the United States record of interventionism in the 20th century has led to the current state of affairs in Kosovo.
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Lost on Earth: Nomads of the New World

Mark Fritz
April 13, 1999
Mark Fritz details the situation of millions of refugees from around the world.
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Turkey Unveiled: A History of Modern Turkey
Nicole Pope
March 1, 1999
Nicole Pope discusses the growth of the modern Turkish state in the aftermath of World War I, when the empire splintered into 30 independent states. She explains how the postwar state tried to curb the growth of Islamic fundamentalism and tried to introduce some measure of democracy into a formerly autocratic system.
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When the War Was Over: Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge Revolution
Elizabeth Becker
February 18, 1999
Elizabeth Becker explains the history of Cambodia over the past 30 years and how a cycle of political violence has led to the massacre of millions of innocent civilians.
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Dark Continent: Europe's Twentieth Century
Mark Mazower
January 26, 1999
Mark Mazower discusses the illusion of a unified Europe by citing examples of conflicts on the continent during the 20th century.
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The Oxford History of the 20th Century
Michael Howard, William Roger Louis
December 3, 1998
Michael Howard and William Roger Louis discuss political, diplomatic and military history over the past century.
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The Pivotal States: A New Framework for U.S. Foreign Policy in the Developing World
Emily Hill, Paul Kennedy
November 20, 1998
Emily Hill and Paul Kennedy explain that countries with large emerging markets and regional influence are of higher priority to United States policymakers in comparison to other developing nations.
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The Face of Russia: Anguish, Aspiration, and Achievement in Russian Culture

James H. Billington
November 10, 1998
James H. Billington describes the evolution of Russian art from medieval times to the modern era.
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A Tangled Web: The Making of Foriegn Policy in the Nixon Presidency

William Bundy
October 20, 1998
William Bundy claims that Henry Kissinger's influence over President Nixon's foriegn policy is overstated. He also explains that Nixon's secrecy and mistrust weakened the United States' standing in the global arena.
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From Wealth to Power: The Unusual Origins of America's World Role

Fareed Zakaria
June 10, 1998
Fareed Zakaria explains that the United States became a world power when the executive branch became more influential than congress, and strong leaders whose policy focused on the country as a whole rather than individual constituencies started making decisions.
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Diplomacy for the Next Century
Abba Eban
May 7, 1998
Abba Eban discusses his views on the moral foundation of international political society since the Cold War.
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The Commanding Heights: The Battle Between Government and the Market Place
Daniel Yergin
January 21, 1998
Daniel Yergin explains the evolution of free markets in the 20th century. He also forecasts how the Asian financial crisis will effect the world economy.
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Behind the Mask: The IRA and Sinn Fein
Peter Taylor
January 5, 1998
Peter Taylor recounts his interviews with members of the Irish Republican Army and its political wing, Sinn Fein.
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Blood Lines: From Ethnic Pride to Ethnic Terrorism

Vamik Volkan
December 18, 1997
Vamik Volkan, a psychoanalyst, uses a psychological perspective to explain ethnic conflict and concepts such as nationalism and ethnic pride.
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China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Inc.
Willem Van Kemenade
June 20, 1997
Willem Van Kemenade discusses the political and economic structures of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan and explains China's relationship with the latter two countries in recent history.
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The Big Ten: The Big Emerging Markets and How They Will Change Our Lives
Jeffrey E. Garten
May 1, 1997
Jeffrey E. Garten forecasts that economic competition will not come from existing superpowers in the future, but instead from the top ten emerging market countries.
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Anatomy of a Miracle: The End of Apartheid and the Birth of the New South Africa
Patti Waldmeir
April 2, 1997
Patti Waldmeir discusses her experience as a journalist during South Africa's peaceful transition to a post-apartheid regime.
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The Coming Conflict with China
Richard Bernstien, Ross H. Munro
February 21, 1997
Richard Bernstien and Ross H. Munro discuss the increasing friction between China and the United States and explain why they believe China will be America's next "enemy."
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