Empty Pews in the Church of Atlanticism
October 3, 2018
Timothy Garton Ash uses the image of "empty pews" to describe a declining commitment, not only on the part of the U.S. public, but even some American foreign policy experts, to the cause of Atlanticism. Is this an accurate description of th…
The Ethics of the "Doorstep"
September 24, 2018
The "doorstep test" requires policymakers to be able to articulate how, and to what degree, something happening in the world connects to the day-to-day experience, needs, and interests of the citizenry. This construct requires honesty and r…
Advising the Next Administration: Finding a New Foreign Policy Approach
September 12, 2018
The Center for American Progress has released a report laying out a foreign policy approach that the next administration might consider adopting. What are some "bold new policies" that could improve U.S. engagement with the world?
Ethics, Russia, and Syria
August 13, 2018
How can Moscow can support a dictator who has used chemical weapons in his desperate attempts to retain power at all costs? And what does it say about American foreign policy when Washington won't mount the effort needed to remove him?
The Vision: Saving the Old or Building the New?
August 2, 2018
Senior fellow Nikolas Gvosdev unpacks why some scholars seek to save and preserve the U.S. role in the "liberal international order," and why others want to embrace a new vision.
The Montenegro Test
In an interview with Tucker Carlson, President Donald Trump seemed to agree with his host's assessment that it would not be worth American blood or treasure to defend the newest member of NATO, Montenegro, should that tiny Balkan country fi…
Stamford Grapples with American Engagement
July 11, 2018
At the World Affairs Forum in Stamford on July 10, participants discussed the topic of American engagement in global affairs. Can the United States still advance its values and improve the conditions of others?
Trump the Disrupter
July 6, 2018
Lawrence Freedman has authored a fascinating essay, "Authentic Trump versus the Trump Administration: Donald Trump as Foreign Policy Disrupter." It raises questions that have been echoed in this forum as well—such as the discussion held a…
A "Values-Free" Trans-Atlantic Relationship?
June 22, 2018
Can an enduring and effective trans-Atlantic relationship be constructed and maintained without reference to commonly-shared values, in other words, can there be a "values-free" partnership?
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