Ethics, Russia, and Syria
August 13, 2018
How can Moscow can support a dictator who has used chemical weapons in his desperate attempts to retain power at all costs? And what does it say about American foreign policy when Washington won't mount the effort needed to remove him?
The Vision: Saving the Old or Building the New?
August 2, 2018
Senior fellow Nikolas Gvosdev unpacks why some scholars seek to save and preserve the U.S. role in the "liberal international order," and why others want to embrace a new vision.
The Montenegro Test
In an interview with Tucker Carlson, President Donald Trump seemed to agree with his host's assessment that it would not be worth American blood or treasure to defend the newest member of NATO, Montenegro, should that tiny Balkan country fi…
Stamford Grapples with American Engagement
July 11, 2018
At the World Affairs Forum in Stamford on July 10, participants discussed the topic of American engagement in global affairs. Can the United States still advance its values and improve the conditions of others?
Trump the Disrupter
July 6, 2018
Lawrence Freedman has authored a fascinating essay, "Authentic Trump versus the Trump Administration: Donald Trump as Foreign Policy Disrupter." It raises questions that have been echoed in this forum as well—such as the discussion held a…
A "Values-Free" Trans-Atlantic Relationship?
June 22, 2018
Can an enduring and effective trans-Atlantic relationship be constructed and maintained without reference to commonly-shared values, in other words, can there be a "values-free" partnership?
Experts, Ethics and the International System
Carnegie Council senior fellow Nikolas Gvosdev highlights how Americans support continued engagement in the world to harness American power for their own prosperity and security, and also to do good in the world. The reality, for many, is t…
Comment le FN est devenu si pro-russe
This article in the French edition of "Slate" on how France's National Front became pro-Russian is by Nicolas Lebourg, as part of Carnegie Council's "Russian Soft Power in France" project.
The Ethics of Triage
Carnegie Council senior fellow Nikolas Gvosdev outlines the concept of "democracy triage." This policy recommendation proposes that democracy promotion efforts be focused on a fewer number of cases where there would be a higher likelihood o…
La Russie, terre promise de l’extrême droite française ?
This op-ed in on the rise of the right in France by Nicolas Lebourg is part of Carnegie Council's "Russian Soft Power in France" project.
Engagement: What Do Voters Think
Ali Wyne notes that there is a disconnect between how Americans view U.S. foreign policy and whether or not it supports and sustains their interests. Although they may believe that the United States should play a leadership role on the glob…
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