Julius S. Scott, Jr.

Formerly of Wiley College; Former Carnegie Council Trustee (Deceased. 1925-2019)

Julius S. Scott, Jr. retired in July 1994 as president of Paine College in Augusta, Georgia, a position he held from 1988. In 1996 he retired from retirement and became president of Albany State University, Albany, Georgia, and in 1998 became president and CEO of Wiley College.

Prior to retirements, Scott taught at Brown, Spelman, and Texas Southern; was associate general secretary, division of higher education, Board of Higher Education and Ministry, The United Methodists Church; and executive director of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change. He also served as special assistant to the president for Diversity Initiatives at the Medical College of Georgia.

Last Updated: September 24, 2019