Alessandra Orofino

Executive Director and Co-founder, Meu Rio (Brazil)

Alessandra Orofino

Alessandra Orofino is executive director and co-founder of Meu Rio, a Brazilian civil society organization that develops tools for civic engagement and participation.

After working as a field researcher in Brazil and India, interviewing young girls who had been victims of domestic violence, Alessandra Orofino founded Meu Rio in 2011. The organization has fueled bottom-up local politics using a combination of on-the-ground actions and custom-designed online and mobile platforms and apps.

With a degree in economics and human rights from Columbia University, Orofino is a believer in participatory politics and in cities as the ideal locus for reinventing representative democracy, and with her team she has designed Meu Rio as a catalyst for youth activism. Among its 140,000 members are tens of thousands of millennials, identifying common issues, pooling ideas for solutions, and pressuring decision-makers to adopt new policies and practices.  

Last Updated: November 10, 2018