Winners of the 2014 International Student Photo Contest, Fairness and Its Opposite

November 10, 2014

International Student Photo Contest

Carnegie Council is delighted to announce the winners of its second annual International Student Photography Contest. This year's theme was Fairness and Its Opposite. 

We deliberately made the topic as broad as possible, and the judges were intrigued and pleased to see the wide range of creative and thoughtful interpretations.


Anum Rehman
Nishat Girls High School  

Anum Rehman tells us that this photo illustrates both fairness and its opposite. The fairness aspect is that the person inside the door helped this beggar by giving her food. But its opposite is that they left her outside, instead of finding out about her problems and trying to solve them. Instead, they leave her to beg again.


Imrul Islam 
New York/Bangladesh 
Vassar College

Imrul Islam met these three boys on the beach, while shooting a series on people who live by the coast in Bangladesh. "They spend most of their time on the beach, selling souvenirs to tourists in order to help their families out financially. In spite of the massive social inequity experienced by these communities, for me, these three represent how joy can be found in almost everything, however minute that might be," explains Islam. 

The contest was conducted via Carnegie Council's online Global Ethics Network, a social media platform for exploring the role of ethics in international affairs through multimedia resources.

It is part of Ethics for a Connected World, a three-year global education project in celebration of the 2014 Carnegie Council Centennial.

Thank you to everyone who took part! See all the photos here.